Munkey on a cloud


The cloud covers a wide range of services which can benefit many organisations. These are just a few available through Cheeky Munkey.

Munkey on a cloud


The cloud covers a wide range of services which can benefit many organisations. These are just a few available through Cheeky Munkey.

Cloud IT Solutions

Backup & Business Continuity

Backup and Business Continuity are an essential part of any disaster recovery solution. Using the cloud to store your data away from your office allows you to recover from the worst disasters that can damage your business.  Cheeky Munkey can provide solutions for cloud backup from simple data store, basic backup allowing the recovery of your data from the cloud onto new or repaired hardware or advanced backup such as the Datto range will allow you to re-create your server in the cloud and be up and running within minutes of server failure.

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Malware and spam emails are on the increase and having local anti-spam on your servers will divert valuable resources away from your employees or risking Malware infecting your servers.  By using an Anti-Spam Mail Filter such as Cheeky Munkey’s partner Reflexion, you can block unwanted emails and Malware before they disrupt your business.

Mail Archive

Are you required by Law to store emails, want to ensure if your server goes down you can use emails via the web for email continuity or just want to have an accurate record of all emails from or within your business?  Cheeky Munkey can help you with Reflexion Mail Archive for either 60 day mail continuity or seven year storage for all of your business mail.  Both solutions have web mail access to your stored emails.

Cheeky Munkey Cloud Sync

Cheeky Munkey’s very own cloud sync service providing business level data store, file sync and data backup.

Office 365

The fastest growing cloud service is for moving business email into the cloud and one of the most popular methods is Microsoft’s Office 365.  With multiple business packages to suit any business Cheeky Munkey can help source, move your emails into the cloud and manage your Office 365 account.

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With the use of VOIP & the cloud there is no longer a need for an expensive difficult to manage on premise telephone system.  Let someone else run the hardware and just plug your phones into the internet for one less worry. Cheeky Munkey have partnered with Cisco and SipSynergy for a cost effective hosted telephony solution that you can trust.

Hosted Services

Do you want to minimise the servers at your office or want the added security provided by a secure datacentre? If so, Cheeky Munkey can help.  We have options to suit your needs from datacentre hosting for your very own server hardware to virtual servers in the cloud with no upfront costs.

Virtual Desktops

It is now possible to have everything in the cloud. Virtual desktop solutions allow you to upload and share your software and files, access your desktops at any location via the internet and instantly scale the solution to meet your needs.  Virtual desktops are ideal for companies who quickly expand and contract, and just want to pay for what they need that month.  Ask Cheeky Munkey for what we can do for you.