How Can 365 Help Reduce Our Capital Spend?

For small businesses, charities and non-profit organisations, investment in IT can sometimes be a real challenge. With having to put aside budget for unforeseen circumstances not always an option, it is important to look at cost effective measures for investing in IT infrastructure wherever possible.

Hosted technology solutions can help with this, as it reduced the capital expenditure for an organisation, and also enables organisations to be dynamic through web based tools and technology. At Cheeky Munkey we have been embracing Office 365 and getting clients used to the concept of pushing various services into the hosted environment, in order to help reduce overheads, and within the last month, Microsoft has introduced FREE web only Office 365 for charity organisations.

In short, Microsoft Office 365 gives clients access to web based versions of Office tools including Word, Excel etc plus additional functionality such as conferencing, file share, and many more features. In addition to this Cheeky Munkey can also provide clients with the appropriate training to implement this correctly and get them up and running so as to best take advantage of the technology.

In the first instance it is worth running a trial to see how it fits and see if you can qualify for discounted pricing at this link here.

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