Why You Should Always Reboot Your Computer at Night

Many people just set their computer to sleep mode at night, avoiding the need to reboot it the following day. This saves time, however, it may not be best for your PC as there are many clear benefits to rebooting your hardware daily.

The best way to do this is to shut down your computer in the evenings, following the proper process, and then turn it on again the following day. Not only does this reap the benefits of a reboot but you are also saving electricity, and thereby lowering your bills by not leaving it running all night.

Keep Up To Date

All software on your computer needs to be kept continually up to date. Windows releases updates monthly and other providers release new versions periodically. It is often the case that once these updates have been downloaded your computer needs to be restarted to ensure that their installation is complete. Even if you don’t have time for this restart during the day, a reboot every night ensures your computer stays current.

If you are constantly installing and uninstalling programs on your PC a daily reboot can be even more beneficial as it ensures each process is complete. Contact us for any help regarding IT support in London or beyond.

Allow Diagnostics to Run

We are all aware of the IT joke that if your computer isn’t working, turning it on and off again should do the trick. Whilst this doesn’t work every single time it’s surprising that it will work more times than you might expect. The reason is actually a very practical one.

When you reboot your computer it goes through a cycle of running diagnostics on itself and will then automatically fix minor errors it discovers. This could be issues with RAM or small bugs which are hindering the smooth running of your applications. Switching your computer off at the end of the day allows diagnostics to run daily, helping to keep problems at bay.

Plug Memory Leaks

Every piece of software which runs on your computer uses random access memory (RAM). When you finish using the software and close the application, it should release the memory to be used elsewhere. However some applications which are experiencing issues or are in any way buggy may not close properly and instead generate memory leaks.

The only way to get rid of this problem is to reboot the computer and hence when you do this every evening you should have fewer problems during the day.

Flushes RAM

The RAM on your computer is known as volatile memory as it is always in a state of flux. RAM is relied on to handle multiple short-term tasks and thus it is always active. Rebooting your computer therefore allows all the data that was being held in RAM to be cleared out. When it starts again it will be from new and therefore should run faster and more efficiently.

Clears Temp Files

During your working day you will probably open and close multiple files on your computer. As you do this a variety of temp files accumulate on the system which can ultimately lead to slowing down your computer. Rebooting the system daily will help stop these temp files building up and degrading performance.

With so many benefits to rebooting your system daily it’s clear it’s not only going to save you money but also guard against problems occurring in the future. If you are shutting your PC down every evening, you may also want to think about switching off the other peripherals, such as printers, which are also costing you money if they are just left running.

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