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We had the opportunity to catch up with Graham Lane, Managing Director of Cheeky Munkey IT Support and Services this month. Graham told us what first inspired him to start up Cheeky Munkey, explains the main challenges facing the IT industry at the moment and outlines how he ensures the business remains competitive in a busy marketplace.

When did you first know you wanted to develop a career in IT?

I was working in the corporate world in the electronic security sector and over time the work I was doing became more and more IT based. I realised that IT was the main driver for many small businesses and wanted to build on this.

You started Cheeky Munkey in 1999. What visions did you have for the business back then?

When I started the business back in 1999 I started small and grew the team organically focussing on complimentary skill sets. My goal was to give the best possible customer experience as this was lacking from other similar organisations at that time.

How do you successfully manage your work life balance?

I am really lucky that I have a great team at Cheeky Munkey that not only allow me to have a great work life balance but also enable me to give time back to my local community. I sit on several education boards in Hertfordshire and strongly believe every young person should get the best possible education giving them the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

How do you best relax after a busy week?

I am not sure with a 10 year old daughter I get much time to relax but I do try and get to the gym as much as I can.

What challenges has the IT industry come up against in recent years and how did you handle them?

This is an interesting one with the pace of change accelerating in the IT sector. The most common conversations that I am currently having with customers of all sizes is Security. To address this we have developed a range of products to not only protect their systems but to offer resilient Backup & Disasters Recovery as part of their risk management policies. Of course Software as a Service
(SaaS) is key too and Office 365 and complimentary services can deliver this.

Have you found that the new GDPR regulations have had an effect on the services you provide?

The new GDPR regulation hasn’t changed the way we deliver services much to our customers. For us it is about how we support our customers with processes and procedures so that they can be compliant when handling data – plus to be able to demonstrate this through certification such as Cyber Essentials – a government approved standard.

How do you ensure your business remains competitive in a busy marketplace for IT services?

Cheeky Munkey meet as part of a global IT peer group quarterly and not only share best practice but also share intelligence about the best tools and products in the market. This enables us to deliver a best in class service to our customers.

Where do you see Cheeky Munkey being in 5 years’time?

Our strap line is “it’s like having your own IT department” As the dependency on technology increases we won’t just be seen as providing a helpdesk to our customers but will become for some
customers their complete outsourced technology partner providing traditional helpdesk support through to Virtual Chief Information Officer services. We are currently developing a one-stop-shop offering to the Recruitment Sector involving not only support but a full 360 Customer Relationship Management and Applicant Tracking System package and back-office functionality.
With embedded real-time KPIs and analytics we will be able to help recruitment agencies become more efficient and dynamic in their market place and to give a better experience to their candidates.