IT Security for Charities – Top Tips

Charities are the same as any other company in the UK when it comes to information security. Large or small they have information assets to protect, problems to deal with, and cyber-security threats to counter.

Our 7 Top Tips:

  1. While many charities cannot afford the latest equipment and software, good technical support is important to ensure the secure running of IT systems. If in-house support is not possible make arrangements with a third-party to get the techies to be part of the team.
  2. Many vulnerabilities are exploited through software – operating systems, applications, even the anti-malware that should be protecting your systems. Regular updates of software reduce the risk of someone exploiting a flaky old application to get access to precious data.
  3. Swot-up on relevant legislation and compliance. Take a look at the Data Protection Act for a start.
  4. Information – like databases of supporters, clients, patients, or staff – is precious to any charity. All information, whether safely tucked away in the server room, or going walkabout on removable media such as a laptop or USB stick, must be kept safe. If it’s on the move, keep it encrypted with a strong password to protect the data should it fall into the wrong hands.
  5. Introduce a process for staff that raises awareness of the importance of securing information.
  6. Incidents will happen – data will be lost, equipment will fail, and hackers may compromise systems. It’s a good idea to have an incident response team, and a practised process in place to manage incidents should they occur.
  7. Don’t let everyone have access to all the charity’s data and IT systems. Ensure that the only people who can access the information are authorised and need to do so.

Cheeky Munkey IT have much experience in working with Charities, see some of the lovely words our partners have to say about us below 

“Within the first few days of Cheeky Munkey taking on our support contract we had some major problems that occurred due to previous infrastructure problems but the team at Cheeky Munkey were superb, and put plans in place to get us up and running as quickly as possible, as well as putting some future plans we had briefly discussed into place immediately. They really put themselves out, for which I am extremely grateful. All of our staff who have had dealings with Cheeky Munkey rate the staff highly and have had a positive experience. Problems understood and fixed quickly. So thanks guys!” – Gary Robb, Business Support Manager at WLM

“We have been Cheeky Munkey clients since the beginning of the year 2014. SYP have found Cheeky Monkey to be an outstanding forward thinking IT service. They care about their clients and have very experienced engineers who can resolve any issue that we have presented to them”. – Tracey Gardner , Office Manager Shaftesbury Young People

“Cheeky Munkey make our lives easier at a reasonable price” – Alan Bough, FD, The Golf Foundation.

“Cheeky Munkey are able to offer us the service we need without entering into a monthly contract. Being a charity this suits us perfectly as we just pay for the service as and when we need it”Ursula Guy, Administrator, Altajir Trust

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