Cheeky Munkey Cloud Sync

Cheeky Munkey have introduced our very own secure private cloud solution which can be used to provide for your cloud data requirements stored solely in the UK.  One product provides data store, data backup & data sync. How you use it is up to you.

Data Store

Using high level 2048bit encrypted SSL data transfer security, Cheeky Munkey provides business level data store and data share functionality.  Access your data using web portals, desktop apps, tablets and smartphones.

Data Backup

Do you want to store and backup changes to specific files and folders on your servers, desktops or laptops? Just select the files and folders you would like backed up and then any changes will be replicated to the Cheeky Munkey datacentre for a time specified by you.  Use the Active Directory integration to access your server file structure in moments.

Data Sync

Do you use laptops when you are out of the office without connecting to your server to save the files you are working on? Then why not use Cheeky Munkey Cloud Sync to make a remote copy of your files as you make them so if your laptop get broken, lost or stolen you do not lose your valuable data.

Copy key folders from your server and Cheeky Munkey Cloud Sync will transfer the latest copy to your laptop so they are available while working offline.

Free Trial

Just ask for a free 30 day trail and see for yourself what Cheeky Munkey Cloud Sync can do for you.

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