Why Cloud Computing is Safe and Secure

For some time now, many have criticised the concept of the Cloud as a virtual data storage programme. In the last few years it’s been the victim of a lot of bad press, and many businesses have become sceptical about uploading and storing important information somewhere that possesses no physical defences. Many of the preconceptions surrounding the Cloud are founded on dubious information, however, and aside from a handful of incredibly rare and inexplicably complicated cases, the Cloud has been a game changing strategic decision for millions of businesses. If your business is not on it yet, it’s perhaps time you upgraded.

The Cloud is the fancy term for the new ‘digital eco-system’; a world in which all devices are connected to the Internet. It’s one of the most exciting developments since the invention of the World Wide Web, and allows people to upload, save and access important documents wherever they are. For businesses, then, this offers a world of valuable advantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Reliable Saving of Data

One of the first key benefits of the Cloud is the ease and reliability with which one can access file documents. Every document any company needs can be uploaded, filed and saved in its appropriate place, only enterable by those to whom express permission has been granted. Moreover, with incremental cataloguing of saved content, accidental deleting of files is almost impossible. It’s not easy to just empty out your cloud’s content – unless things are deleted intentionally, of course. This means that there is an extra level of security afforded to business who decide to implement cloud-based storage solutions, especially in regards to human error.

Moreover, cloud computing means that your million-pound idea is not confined to the hard drive of a four-hundred-pound laptop. If your hardware gets stolen, the valuable contents therein are still accessible, editable and downloadable on whatever backup device(s) you have to hand.

Automatic Back-ups

Going hand in hand with the above is that of backing-up your files. Be honest, how often do you copy your internal data over to an external hard-drive? And when was the last you saved anything twice? While these are both good habits to form when handling sensitive documents, they are habits that nobody actually practices. When you save files in the Cloud, however, you don’t need to think twice – your Cloud provider will run regular file back-ups and ensure that your operation is utilising the latest software. If an update is required to ensure the safety of your storage, it’ll be applied – instantly.

You Have Full Control Over Content

Being ever connected to the Cloud also means that the flow of information is a much smoother process, especially in regards to the editing of documents. In the Cloud, numerous colleagues can work simultaneously on the same document, with edits being applied real-time across all versions, irrespective of location. This allows companies to promote a more secure, water-tight exchange of ideas, and gives businesses the means to implement more effective collaborative processes.

This also means that less time is wasted on ideas exchange. Instead of a singular document sent via a series of emails through to every colleague who needs to cast an eye over its content, the whole process is settled immediately.

You Always have Constant Connectivity, Wherever You Are

The final reason cloud-computing is one seriously effective resource is the flexibility it affords users. Want to edit company documents during your morning commute? Just open and edit them directly in the Cloud. Want to immediately share documents with your teams all over the world? Just upload them into the Cloud and everybody with permission will have immediate access, no matter where they are.

Cloud computing is the finest example for the benefits of globalisation. It means that you can be in constant contact with freelancers working on outsourced projects wherever they are, and you will always be able to edit something should genius strike when you’re not in the office. The level of flexibility such a technology provides has proved to be revolutionary, and created numerous exciting opportunities for businesses all over the world.

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