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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery Services in St Albans & Hertfordshire

Cheeky Munkey provides experienced disaster recovery services in London and the Home Counties.

Business continuity and disaster recovery refers to how a business can get back up and running and be operational in the event of a disaster or an issue caused by unforeseen circumstances. Cheeky Munkey can assist clients by working together to form a strategy which can be utilised in the event.



What is Disaster Recovery?

Typically a disaster recovery plan will involve a few stages. Firstly, a business will want to either be set up for home working, or have a site designated that people can work from if the business building is not accessible. A business’ data also needs to still be recoverable, usable and secure so that in the event of a disaster, everyone can still be operational. On this point, it is prudent for businesses to regularly test backups and even carry out test disaster recovery exercises at least once a year. Organisations also need to establish how long they can afford to be down for, and to know how long it will take to recover from the backup or disaster recovery solution in place.

Recovering your IT Infrastructure

True disaster recovery and business continuity will enable users within a business to be able to continue working, even if their servers and IT infrastructure is down. Typically the way that a business will combat this is to have spare laptops ready for remote working, and have an on and offsite back up and disaster recovery solution in place. Cheeky Munkey works with various clients in London to provide full disaster recovery in a scenario such as this, ensuring that a business can continue to work and to minimise downtime and any financial loss. See our full range of cloud services we offer to your clients in and around London.

The solutions that Cheeky Munkey put in place are ‘next generation’ with at least 256 bit encryption, allowing for a secure offsite, recreating the server environment for a business seamlessly, and efficiently. The recovery element is what makes a disaster recovery solution different from a simple backup product. Automated snapshots are taken of the infrastructure to ensure that we can go back to a specific moment in time before the incident and the business can be operational from there.

Once the disaster recovery has taken place, Cheeky Munkey assists in ensuring that users can interact with the system as they would expect to, specifically with being able to connect to all of the resources, applications and files in the new hosted environment. Once the original environment is either fixed, replaced or workable, the system is then restored Cheeky Munkey assist the business in getting back to business as usual.

If you have any queries about disaster recovery or need assistance in your business, contact Cheeky Munkey. We’re experienced disaster recovery specialists operating in London & the Home Counties.