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Computer Help Tips & How to Guides

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In today’s modern world knowing how to maintain a computer is essential. Computers literally control our lives; from the way we work to how we preserve sentimental data. Unfortunately, no matter how good your computer is there will always be room for error and sometimes just the simple miss-click of a button can have devastating consequences. It’s important that we remind ourselves from time to time just how much we rely on our computers, even if it’s simply to prompt safer day-to-day operational practices.

Without anti-malware software, data recovery tools and the ability to amend the hardware itself, most modern computers would suffer from much shorter lifespans. Luckily, as the mirage of problems expands, so do the solutions. We have the technology at our disposal; however, as a society the real problem we face is learning how to use it!

The main issue is the speed with which the industry changes. It’s almost comparable to a living, breathing organism; it adapts and changes to suit its surroundings and often becomes immune to past solutions. Fundamentally, the more advanced computers become the more problems they create; but that’s not to say that it’s an unmanageable dilemma. With the rise of the Internet we now have answers to virtually all of our questions in a matter of seconds, reserving only the most serious of faults to the professionals. This guide is our contribution.

With the right resources and education anyone can fix a problematic computer. This guide has been written to help you target the most common issues, including lost data, pop-up ads, malicious software, blue screen errors and OS problems. It will take you through each process step-by-step ensuring that you not only fix the problem, but learn what skills are required to keep future issues at bay.




How to Speed Up Your Computer

Whether you use your computer for leisure or for business, the last thing you want is your technology slowing you down. Fortunately, we have created this handy guide so you can self-diagnose any typical issues and speed that machine up. Check it out.


How to Recover Data

Data loss can be hugely problematic. Fortunately, if you lose sensitive information it doesn’t necessarily mean that the data has been deleted. Until your hard drive overwrites that data it’ll almost certainly be recoverable, although it’ll be hidden somewhere within your hard drive. There are various types of software that can ‘find’ this hidden data and bring it back to the forefront.


How to get Rid of Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads are the bane of the Internet. They divert websites, slow down computers and blind your vision by abruptly flashing crude and often tasteless images in front of your eyes without consent. But pop-ups aren’t just visually damaging, they can also pose a real threat to your system security and stability.


How to Remove Malware

We are all at risk of contracting malware. Sometimes just browsing the Internet is all it takes. While anti-malware software can significantly reduce the chance of suffering at the hands of hackers, it’ll never make your system completely immune. Once contracted removing malware can be a very difficult and dangerous task.


How to Recover from a Blue Screen

Blue screen errors seem to occur for no apparent reason and scare even the most knowledgeable tech whizz. With all the text, numbers and codes deciphering them is rarely an option and usually best left to the professionals; therefore, in most circumstances the best thing you can do is restart your computer and move on. While this is usually all that’s required, if the problem persists there could be a serious hardware issue.


How to Reinstall Windows 8

Windows 8 may be one of the most powerful home operating systems available, but it’s certainly not without its faults. Various forms of external damage can render it useless, leaving you with no choice but to completely reinstall it. This may seem like a scary prospect, but it’s actually not as mind boggling as it may sound. Click the following link to learn how to reinstall Windows 8.


How to Clean a Computer

Computers are notoriously difficult to keep clean and tidy. If you’re not careful your desktop and folders will soon fill up with clutter and make it difficult for you to locate anything. This will inevitably lead to an abundance of duplicate files, excessive memory loss, and eventually, poor system performance.


Using The Internet – a Beginner’s Guide For Seniors

The internet offers a wealth of opportunity for staying in touch with family and friends; gathering helpful information, even paying bills and shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you have never used the internet before it can seem daunting but once you take small steps you will find it is much more accessible than you might first believe.