How to Edit Google Docs with Your Voice

Last year, Google added a new feature to their Google Docs application: voice typing.

Simply turn on the microphone via the ‘Tools’ menu, and go. The technology is surprisingly responsive, making you feel like you’re a powerful political leader reeling off your next big speech as your somewhat thinner and less chatty secretary copies it down for you, without comment.

This year, Google has upgraded this feature to include voice commands.

To get started, you simply select ‘Voice typing’ in the ‘Tools’ menu when using Docs in your Chrome browser and start experimenting.

The feature includes many basic editing and formatting processes for you to explore, such as ‘bold’, ‘highlight’, ‘select all’, ‘new line’, with Google still updating its repertoire to cover more functions.

All that is needed to enjoy this feature is a working microphone, internal or external, Google Chrome and a quiet area that won’t interfere with the reception of your dulcet tones.

Here’s a rather cheerful video of someone achieving flawless results:

There’s no doubt that this feature is fairly seamless in its running, but it does require a high level of vocal clarity and a little patience – or a lot, depending on the speed of your computer. For instance, the command ‘go to the end of the line’ will firstly be spelt out before the computer corrects itself, deleting the text and moving the cursor to the end of the line. Don’t forget this app relies on internet speed, so the response for voice commands is not immediate. The computer must first process your voice before it can respond.

And if you actually wanted to use the word ‘bold’ in your text, the keyboard is always there to step in when needed.

Bar the slight delay with commands, this exciting new feature from Google Docs keeps pace with a clear, articulate voice. Plus, if it didn’t quite catch a fully coherent sentence then it will self-edit as it goes to what it thinks is a best fit.

Google might be taking over the world, but at least we’ll all be enunciating well.

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