Employee wellbeing; a key consideration for future technology adoption

Employee wellness programes are increasing in importance across all businesses. Statistics from the UK’s Health & Safety Executive show that in 2019/20, pre-pandemic, there were an estimated 828,000 workers affected by work-related stress, resulting in an approximate 17.9 million working days missed. This would have resulted in a huge amount of lost productivity.

Employee wellbeing shouldn’t be an after-thought in the workplace. The pandemic has shown us many things; one being that the resilience and flexibility of workers has been key to continuing to achieve bottom-line results. It’s clear, say leaders at Deloitte US on techtarget.com, that employees who feel less stressed perform better, and are more engaged and satisfied with their work. The pandemic has also increased our reliance on technology and accelerated adoption of IT solutions that enable remote working.

Employee Wellbeing

How do businesses embed employee wellbeing at their core? How do IT trends fit in? Here are our ideas:

Businesses should give tech and HR managers the opportunity to work alongside business leaders to create a strategy that focusses on employees wellbeing in everyday work life. Everyone in the business should understand the link between wellbeing and success.

Given how integrated work and technology have become, especially with the requirement to work from home, it is vital that IT leaders address the challenges that their employees may be having. Machines are fantastic at enhancing productivity, but technology can also put employees under lots of stress. This is because it may feel like there is no escape from work when work is now in their home. Maybe introduce ‘unplug lunch hour’ and/or enforcing a 5.30pm watershed for emails.

Provide remote user support to avoid employee IT frustration and stress. Let us solve your IT problems and provide training where necessary, a ‘Tech savvy’ workforce is a powerful one. Providing training for your employees will also motivate them as you are showing you are willing to invest in them showing them they are valued.

Invest in new technologies in order to keep up and adapt to the ever evolving industries. Investing in technologies enhances employees wellbeing as they become more productive, therefore benefiting themselves as well as the business.


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