How outsourcing your IT support will save you money

Outsourcing your IT support not only saves your business money, it could save your business time. You might well outsource a whole raft of services already – plumbing, catering, cleaning – but it’d be hard to argue that any of them were quite so dramatically intertwined with your company’s future survival prospects. After all, it’s inevitable in this day and age that your IT infrastructure is far more than just another tool or resource – it’s the backbone of your organisation, an interconnected web of data and devices that keeps things functioning on a day-to-day basis. 

Of course, you might wonder why you’d entrust something of such paramount importance to an outside business – fixing your kitchen tap is one thing, but storing and handling your confidential data? That’s quite another. But while outsourcing your IT support will reduce your IT spend, that’s not really what it’s about. This isn’t an exercise in cost-cutting or taking the cheap option. It’s about placing your business’s lifeline in the hands of dedicated IT experts who will run the system not only reliably, but as efficiently as possible too.

If you outsource your IT support to Cheeky Munkey, we won’t just be yet another supplier. We’ll be your round-the-clock IT department, and an investment you’ll be very glad you made. Here are the reasons why outsourcing IT will save you money.

1. Streamlining costs

How much does your business spend on IT each year? The chances are that the number of factors involved makes it hard to guess at anything but a ballpark figure. After all, from data security to repairs to antivirus protection, your company’s IT needs are many – and its time is precious. Many companies will happily overspend on what they believe to be the quickest fixes and the most hassle-free software, taking an as-and-when approach to spending on IT. 

The average SME in the UK spends 19 per cent of its annual budget on IT – and while this covers computer equipment and software as well as support, this is a significant chunk that can be easily reduced by changing tack. You wouldn’t pay a plumber to watch your office’s pipework every day, ready to spring into action when something goes wrong – you pay the price when you need the service. But the same isn’t true of IT support

Having experts on hand round the clock, to not only repair your IT system but monitor it too, will both remove unexpected spending from the equation and minimise the impact if something does go wrong. There are no nasty surprises – Cheeky Munkey’s fixed monthly fees – with no additional charges for repeated call-outs – mean that you can rest easy knowing exactly how much your IT support is costing you month-to-month. 

Our Block Hours service can also save in costs on infrequent IT support – by buying hours in advance at a discounted rate, you can stockpile them and use them only as you require, meaning that unused services don’t end up costing you money.

2. Cutting out salary spend

The average salary of an in-house IT engineer in the UK is between £30,000 and £35,000 per year. While the impact of this expenditure depends upon the size of your business and the number of IT engineers it employs, it’s undeniably a significant amount of money. When broken down into days – some of which may be busier than others – jobs completed and hours spent undertaking essential repairs and maintenance, there’s a high chance that for an SME the books don’t always balance up.

Paying a fixed fee for IT support could free your business from spiraling costs like these, making IT support a much more manageable and no less essential element of your company. It’s important to remember that outsourcing it doesn’t mean replacing a department with a faceless supplier – we’re a local, friendly and reliable business located in St Albans and within easy reach of the businesses that we work with. We’ll be at your side with unmatched expertise whenever you need us.

3. Changing your staff’s habits

Security breaches of any size are near-guaranteed to cost your business money – and many of them are caused by staff error due to simple lack of training. It’s costly and difficult to get all of your employees on the same page when it comes to cyber-security, yet it’s one of the most robust protection measures a company can take. From strengthening passwords to spotting phishing emails, as part of our IT support for small businesses we can provide staff training and consultancy.

Additional services like these will mean that, while you can fully rely on your outsourced IT provider, you don’t always have to – your staff are equipped to prevent the kind of IT mishaps that can lead to incredibly costly consequences.

4. Consistency no matter what

Outsourced IT providers don’t take sick days and don’t leave your business at a few weeks’ notice. Placing your company’s most important infrastructure in the hands of one or two individuals who have their own lives to contend with can prove a risky strategy. If your internal IT team aren’t on hand when a problem strikes, the cost of hiring a contractor for damage limitation or repairs can have a huge impact on your finances.

By outsourcing to a business that specialises purely in IT support, you’re not only placing your IT system in the hands of experienced experts but building a relationship with our entire business. The team at Cheeky Munkey will provide a personalised, bespoke service by looking carefully at your unique needs and deciding on the best method of IT support – the one that’s both protective and cost-effective. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to what we do, and we know that by using our support services you’re trusting us to provide exceptional value for money. 

5. 24/7 remote monitoring

Your internal IT department might be great between 9am and 5pm, but what happens if disaster strikes in the middle of the night? Not only do Cheeky Munkey have real people on the end of the phone 24 hours a day to provide support, but our round-the-clock remote monitoring software keeps a watchful eye on your IT systems to detect any issues when they’ve barely even become issues yet.

This not only removes the cost of unexpected callouts that a one-off provider might charge, but allows us to nip problems in the bud – usually before they can do enough damage to cost your company money. It means you can relax knowing that your IT infrastructure is being taken care of by specialists, and we’ve got our best people (and best software) on the job.

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