How to improve your Microsoft Teams meetings

For most companies’ virtual meetings have become an integral part of day to day communication. One platform which has grown alongside this is Microsoft Teams; developments in key features such as, advanced noise control and breakout rooms have provided the 115 million users with more productive meetings and greater working efficiency.

A common feature which often flies under the radar is app integration within Microsoft Teams. This store allows users to pick and choose a variety of apps which can improve their way of working. Teams apps help users streamline work, better serve customers and improve employee productivity and wellbeing.

Recent additions include tailored made apps specifically for meetings, giving recognition to the importance of virtual meeting in our working lives. Apps optimised for meetings can be used by editing meetings you have scheduled and clicking on the + button at the top.

Here is our list of the best four:

Structure meetings with Decisions

Firstly, we believe an effective meeting should be then summarised with the next steps. Decisions enables users to produce a straightforward agenda and timeline. Furthermore, whilst in the meeting you can add tasks, so every action can be recorded in real time. The actions or next steps are then distributed to all attendees once the meeting has concluded.

Improve team collaboration with Teamflect

Its likely that almost every team working from home is having frequent virtual syncs or 121s. Regular, meaningful collaboration between managers and their employees is the key to strengthening working relationships.

The Teamflect app has the capabilities to record notes and feedback easily, offering evaluation of your connections within Teams and the ability to record notes and feedback easily.

Keep the audience engaged with Slido

Its not uncommon for attendees to disengage in a large or lengthy meeting, so the addition of a polls app can encourage audience engagement and generate conversations. Slido supports a variety of poll types to increase audience participation.

Take refreshing breaks from meetings with Breakthru

Finally, Breakthru is a wellbeing app offering users to take mini breaks from meetings with meditative exercises so teams can take mindful pauses before returning to the meeting at hand.

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