How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Bill

Gone are the days when we cared about minutes and the number of free texts you get as part of your monthly mobile phone package. Now it is all about data.

We spend our time on our mobiles by browsing social networks, streaming videos and so much more. Now every precious megabyte counts and with strict allowances in place as part of your monthly package, the last thing you want to do is exceed that figure and be slapped with excessive over usage charges.

In the following paragraphs we’ll show you how you can keep an eye on your data usage, adjust your habits and ultimately reduce your mobile data bill.

Decide how much data you need

First things first, you need to establish how much data you actually require. If you opt for too much you’re just paying a monthly expense that you don’t need and if you opt for too little it is guaranteed that you’ll be hit with those nasty over usage charges.

So just how do you find out how much data you need? Well the easiest way is to contact your mobile carrier and ask for a breakdown of your data usage over the past 6 months, you’ll then have a good idea of how much data you consume on average. Most carriers have apps for this, so have a look and sign up.

Once you have an idea of how much data you need you can then search for appropriate plans that provide you with the right amount of data.

Prevent background app usage

Many apps on your phone can still eat data even if you aren’t using them. Just one app probably won’t have a massive impact but if you leave multiple apps running your data allowance will be consumed before you know it.

All you need to do is go to the settings on your phone and navigate to the section that allows you to turn off background app refresh. This will ensure that your apps don’t consume mountains of data if you leave them open.

Use Wi-Fi whenever you can

With countless Wi-Fi hotspots now on every corner there is almost always a chance for you to connect to free Wi-Fi. When you are using Wi-Fi you aren’t consuming your mobile data so it is always good practice to search for a hotspot if you are in a restaurant or coffee shop.

Turn off fetch data

Having your emails automatically update and send you notifications is all well and good but it sure can consume a lot of data and push you over those allowances extremely quickly.

Get into the habit of manually checking your emails yourself and not relying on fetch data to alert you each time a new mail hits your inbox.

Turn off data roaming when abroad

Nothing is worse than coming back from a fantastic holiday only to be welcomed by an inflated bill because of your data usage abroad. Certain mobile carriers now offer the same data rates abroad as if you were in the UK, so you can use your data as normal and not be hit with a hefty bill.

However, some carries don’t offer this option and if you use data abroad you can expect majorly inflated charges to hit your invoice at the end of the month.

If your carrier doesn’t offer these special rates it is recommended that you turn off data roaming whilst abroad to ensure that you phone doesn’t consume data without you realising.

Always be aware of your usage

Finally, always be aware of how much data you have consumed and how much you have left before it resets at the end of the month. If you see that you have used a bit too much data in the first half of the month you can adjust your browsing habits in the latter part of the month to ensure that you don’t get slapped with hefty over usage charges.

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