How To Improve Your IT Security

How safe is your company from cybercriminals? You may have basic virus protection software as well as warning your employees not to open suspicious email attachments, but there’s a lot more to strong IT security than that. It’s critical to make sure you’re taking every possible measure to protect sensitive data.

These are our top 10 tips to avoid cyberthreats:

  1. Get spam and virus protection, a Web filter and endpoint security if you don’t already have them.
  2. Change your passwords frequently.
  3. Make your passwords stronger. Use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  4. Use different passwords for different accounts. This might strain your memory a little, but it’s worth it to keep you safer online.
  5. Periodically test your own security. You could hire an IT company to conduct a security audit, but you can always walk around your office and see who has their latest password on a sticky note by their desk. Check around outside and see if anyone has a clear view of your computer monitors.
  6. Have a security plan — and follow it. If you have a plan in place, great. Just make sure it’s being followed and updated frequently.  If not, invite a professional company to advise on a suitable plan based on your requirements.
  7. Teach good practices. Your security plan should be confidential, but that doesn’t mean you keep it a secret from your own staff. Incorporate security into your employee training program.
  8. Make it clear that security is everyone’s job.

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