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Why choose managed IT services?

There are many reasons why small to medium sized business owners opt for a managed IT service. When looking for a provider, you are likely to be looking for:

Enhanced efficiency

Your SME may have a team of internal IT staff that lack the necessary expertise or experience, or they may be overburdened and unable to meet all your IT requirements. An external IT service provider can add value in this instance, providing expert resource as and when it is required.

Often you may find that working with an outsourced managed IT provider will improve and enhance the capabilities of your in-house team, rather than replace them.  Your business will also benefit from access to the latest technology and innovation.

Optimum security and compliance

With the ever-increasing amount of digital devices that store and transmit data, security and compliance is imperative across your entire business. Whether your business operates on PCs, laptops or tablets, these devices, plus your servers and smartphones, all need to be fully secure.

A managed IT provider will advise you of any potential security risks, such as cyber attacks and viruses which may potentially put your network at risk.

Compliance is imperative for a business, particularly with the introduction of new regulations such as GDPR. A managed IT provider can advise you of how best to implement additional managed security protocol, policies, and procedures, plus ensure you meet all compliance regulations.

Proactive maintenance

As a business owner, you are likely to have little to no time to spend thinking about your IT infrastructure or the reliability and speed of your network. Working with a managed IT service provides access to 24 hour coverage and support, should any issues or outages occur.

A team of managed IT experts can detect potential threats or vulnerabilities, identifying and troubleshooting any bugs and issues before they become an issue. Should a disaster occur, they can also ensure you have a robust recovery plan in place to restore your data promptly and efficiently.

As data management and storage in the cloud continues to proliferate, regular and encrypted backups are also essential.

Cost effective solutions

The cost savings associated with managed services compared to in-house resource are often considerable, adding value to your business. Alongside reducing expenditure, managed service providers can also increase ROI, across almost every element of any IT budget, including:

  • Hardware costs
  • Software and network infrastructure
  • Maintenance costs
  • IT labour

A managed service provider can also provide the flexibility to scale resource up or down as required, which is nt possible with internal IT resource.

In addition, you can easily calculate and budget for your IT expenses.

Free up internal resources

Outsourcing your IT requirements to a managed-service provider frees up your internal IT team, enabling them to focus on projects and tasks they are better suited to handle. This increases productivity, maximising your IT budget.

Managed IT services enable your in-house team to focus on what they are best at, with the external resource providing specialised services where they are needed most, with tasks such as migrations.

A team of external managed IT experts provide a whole host of benefits and advantages to your business. By understanding what it is you are looking for and how your businesses can be best supported, we are able to tailor our service to meet your business needs.

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