Network printer security best practices

Why is network printer security so important?

Network security is essential for any business. Network printers, also known as multifunctional printing devices (MFPs), lack the protection of other network devices, yet are just as susceptible to infiltration. This makes them prime targets for experienced hackers.

Any network device is at risk from hacking attempts, and an unprotected network printer is the ideal gateway to your whole computer system for a hacker experienced in printer job language (PJL).

If unprotected, a network printer can pose a very real security risk to your company. An attacker targeting your network printer may potentially affect your system in a range of damaging and disruptive ways, ultimately sabotaging your business function and costing you money and time.

A hacker could:

  1. Target your printer in a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, the purpose of which is to render your printer inoperable
  2. Change the network address of the printer and reroute any pending print jobs. This represents a major inconvenience to your business function
  3. Use your printer as a means through which to attack any other systems on the same network, such as PCs. This could result in devastating consequences such as data or financial theft, as well as impairing the function of any devices on the printer network

What steps can I take to improve my network printer security?

There are some quick and easy ways to increase the security of your network printer.

  1. Limit access to the printer network. Set the strongest admin password you can and ensure that your printer is configured to allow access only from approved networks and devices
  2. Check that the administrative panel on your printer is configured securely
  3. Use encrypted connections (https:// as opposed to http://) when accessing the printer via a web browser
  4. Make sure your printer is regularly checked for updates and patches and reinstate any security controls afterwards, as cold resets can revert all settings back to factory default, leaving your printer vulnerable
  5. Don’t run any unnecessary protocols or services, such as open file shares, on your printer

We also recommend that you install secure malware and spam protection on your system to prevent infiltrators from installing malware that they can then use to create back door entrances into your network.

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