Cheeky Munkey Host a Networking & Ransomware Breakfast

Over the last couple of months we held our first Breakfast & Networking events alongside our Back-Up, Disaster & Recovery partners, Datto, to emphasise the risk that Ransomware holds over our businesses and how we can protect ourselves from it.

At each event Datto demonstrated their product by infecting a device LIVE with Ransomware as well as dunking it in a full fish tank, therefore destroying the device as well as its data – the corrupt data was then recovered in under a minute!

We have so far held two events, one at the Cheeky Munkey office & the other at Mokoko, a local cocktail bar (although unfortunately no cocktails could be served at 8.30am!) – both of which were a great success and hopefully everyone walked away with new contacts, new found awareness of the dangers of Ransomware as well as a full tummy from our amazing bacon butties!

Due to their success we plan to host some more similar events. Watch this space….

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