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VoIP Migration

Munkey with a briefcase

VoIP Migration

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Voip Migration Services in St Albans & Hertfordshire

Cheeky Munkey are experienced providers in VoIP Migration to businesses in London & the Home Counties. Our team can help your business overcome any migration problems you might be experiencing.

Clients are always asking Cheeky Munkey about how they can reduce the costs of their phone system and call charges, and the most cost effective solution is to migrate to a hosted VoIP service.

What is VoIP Migration?

Cheeky Munkey is able to provide a fully hosted phone system and take care of all of the migration works for a client. VOIP migration doesn’t have to be difficult; Cheeky Munkey will sit down with a client and go through the whole process. A VoIP migration will typically be carried out in a window of time that minimises disruption to the business and clients can even port their existing numbers across to a new solution for complete continuity.

How does VoIP Migration work?

A a couple of key considerations is needed for any VoIP migration exercise. Firstly, it is important to have a dedicated connection that is to be used solely for the VoIP service. This avoids any conflict with data being on the same bandwidth and results in a better quality of service. The second consideration is to make sure that the relevant switching equipment is in place to facilitate any VoIP service.

As part of the VoIP migration, clients will no longer have to worry about costly ISDNs, nor will they have to have an onsite system that requires regular maintenance, and will also get brand new handsets. In fact, many businesses will be able to take advantage of ‘fixed cost per user’ bundles, which also include an allowance of minutes, greatly reducing monthly spend.

We provide our VoIP migration service to business in London & the Home Counties. Get in touch today to discuss your VoIP migration issues you might be experiencing.