Upgrade to Windows 10 For FREE Before 29th July

Don’t Miss Out!

Time is running out to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. Microsoft are offering this upgrade for FREE* until 29th July.

After this date, Microsoft will charge £99.99 for home and £189.99 for Windows Pro.

Advantages of Upgrading to Windows 10

  • Improved security
  • Continuous updates – Microsoft intends for Windows 10 to be the last numbered version of windows meaning that updates will roll out continually over time.
  • Familiar interface to Windows 7 with seven years of advancements.

Why Should you not Upgrade

Any change on your computer comes with risks, including:

  • Your PC may be too old to upgrade to Windows 10
  • You may have software that isn’t compatible with Windows 10
  • New version may not be compatible with your devices such as your phone or your printer

Want to Upgrade?

Contact us for more information or let us review your current hardware to identify if your machines are capable of the upgrade.

*The Windows upgrade is free, but please remember that there will be installation costs.

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