Is Webroot a Good Antivirus Program?

If you’re in the market for a new antivirus product, then it’s not a decision you can take lightly. You want to make sure that the product you choose is not only affordable and reputable, but you want to make sure it works. Otherwise, what would be the point in buying it?

Webroot is a leading antivirus product that provides protection for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Over the years, Webroot has really made its mark as a product that stands out ahead of the rest. While there are many good antivirus products out there, we think that Webroot has a slight edge, and we’d like to tell you why.

As powerful as the big names without the massive resource drain

The best thing about Webroot is that it is super powerful yet super lightweight. It competes with the biggest names in Antivirus software in terms of power and protection, however, it only requires a fraction of the storage space and processing power.

How is this possible? Well, whereas most antivirus products will download a gigantic database of known programs to your computer for reference, Webroot maintains its database in the cloud. When a new file arrives on your device, it simply cross-checks the information online, and gives you a decision.

If the file is known to be good, Webroot does nothing. If the file is bad, Webroot wipes all traces from your hard drive.

Better protection against unknown programs

So what about brand new programs that are not stored in the Webroot database? Well, this is another area where Webroot really shines.

When an unknown file arrives on your computer, Webroot sends detailed feedback to HQ for analysis. Sometimes, HQ will identify the unknown program as good or bad in real-time. Otherwise, it will actually deploy a real human team of computer scientists and researchers to get to work on the file, digging into every tiny detail to find out if it is safe or harmful.

Very occasionally, this means that you cannot use a genuine program straight away. However, the good news is that most of the time, human analysis takes less than an hour – better safe than sorry, right?

Great reporting, nice UI, strong community and more

The ability to fight against viruses and malware is the single most important part of any antivirus product. Now that we know Webroot does this (and does it well), let’s look at some of the interesting extra features.

  1. Insights and analytics. Webroot gives you detailed statistics and reports that help you learn about recent scans and activity.
  2. User interface. Webroot is really easy to navigate, and you can easily launch a scan on-demand with a single button.
  3. Within the Webroot panel, you have access to join the community discussion forum – an invaluable source of extra support.

You might think that such a powerful antivirus product would cost the earth, but surprisingly, Webroot is actually more affordable than many of the other leading antivirus providers it competes with. But to top things off, Webroot customer service is second to none. Unlike some antivirus products which offer limited support during set office hours, Webroot has agents available 24/7 either by phone, email or online chat.

Webroot is powerful, lightweight and versatile – a great choice for antivirus

Webroot is powerful and takes up very little space. It is suitable for multiple devices, and can handle unknown files with ease. It is easy to use, offers unbeatable customer service, and is affordable to boot. What’s not to like?


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