What’s at stake when your email signature is out of sync?

Why are consistent business email signatures so important?  They are an essential part of your businesses branding and marketing.  Most of the time they are the first exposure your recipient has to you business. If you have a signature that is setup and is formatting is off or the logos may be different, it can tarnish the businesses professionalism and credibility.  A strong email signature will always leave a good impression with the recipient.

Email signature

Last year, Microsoft announced that Outlook for Windows would be updated to provide email synchronization. Although this change from Microsoft was definitely a step in the right direction, there are still some issues that businesses will need to consider:

  1. This new function is limited to users of Outlook PC Users.  Therefore, if you employees work on multiple devices, which most people do nowadays, consistent signatures will continue to be a problem.
  2. Every time branding is changed, employees will need to be notified so that can update there new signature. This can be time consuming as this will have to be done manually and some users may even forget to do this.

If you business has people working on multiple devices you will most likely want to add promotional banners or taglines frequently to you email signatures, what is the solution?


The Letsignit simple and affordable tool allows your email signatures to be professional, engaging and 100% cohesive, regardless of the device being used by your workforce. What’s more, Letsignit gives you ways to genuinely empower your brand through your email signature…

1. Automation of your branding on your signatures once you have uploaded it once.

2. Use your email signatures to relay taglines or banners in support of your marketing campaigns.

3. Measure your email signatures’ ROI by collecting clicks.

4. Connect Letsignit with Azure AD to automatically synchronize employee database.

5. Automatically push email signatures on each new email on Outlook via the Letsignit App.

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