Why WordPress is The Best Website Platform For Your Business

If you haven’t already got a chosen platform, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when designing a website is which platform you use.

There are endless options, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and so much more. Without a doubt WordPress is the most popular platform, with everyone from bloggers to global organisations utilising the features that WordPress has to offer.

This post will show you exactly why WordPress is the best website platform for your business and why you need to ensure that you use it on your next project.

Trusted by millions

WordPress began in 2003 as a humble blogging solution, but has quickly evolved into a full-blown content management system that powers nearly 20% of all websites on the planet.

WordPress is opensource, completely free and offers endless possibilities. Millions of people across the globe can’t be wrong. Therefore if you want a trustworthy website platform you need look no further than WordPress.

Good for SEO

SEO is a complex animal and the structure of your website plays a major role in where you rank within search engines for specific search terms.

WordPress is optimised for search engines out of the box. From day 1 your website will include all of the necessary components that Google and other search engines need to find and index your web pages.

As you know, increasing your visibility within Google is extremely powerful and it’s well worth doing as much as possible to have your website sitting in those top positions.

Easy to use

WordPress is a full-blown content management system with tonnes of neat out of the box features. You don’t need to be a web design guru with 10 years of experience under your belt; you can start building websites in WordPress right away.

If you get stuck, there are countless video tutorials to give you a helping hand.

Endless amount of themes and plugins

Many systems can be quite restrictive in terms of their functionality. However, WordPress is unlike any other website system in that it has an endless library of themes and plugins to meet almost any need.


When it comes to designing a website, you’ll usually have to spend countless hours tweaking html and css until you have a website that looks exactly like you require. That costs time and money, especially if you don’t already possess strong html and css skills.

WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes that offer different functionality, design, layout and so much more. As standard these themes are highly customisable, so you’ll be able to design a professional looking site that is in keeping with your brand in no time at all.


Whether it’s an online shop, the ability to only show content to certain visitors or something far more comprehensive, you can almost guarantee that there will be a plugin to provide the functionality. Although if there isn’t one you’ll be able to find a WordPress expert who can alter an existing plugin to bring it more inline with your requirements.

You own it

Unlike many low end website platforms, if you build your website on WordPress, you own it. You can take it anywhere you wish without any major restrictions. However, if you decide to use free online website builder software you’ll find that you cant take your website with you and fully customise it to reflect your brand.

Another disadvantage of these free builders is that if you subscribe to premium features like having your own domain and an online store, should the company decide to up their fees, you’re either going to have to pay or build a new website.

With WordPress, you’ll be able to build your website, customise it, switch hosting providers with ease and much more.

As you can see, WordPress offers many fantastic benefits compared to competing solutions and we most definitely recommend considering it for you next website build.

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