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IT Asset Recycling and Data Erasure

Cheeky Munkey have introduced an IT asset recycling service and data eraser for any hard drives.  This includes any IT related items from servers, UPSs, desktop, laptops, monitors, desktop printers, photocopiers (large printers), keyboards, mice, cables, old mobile phones (small items need to be boxed up prior to collection) and anything else you could think of.

The equipment sent away has different end results depending on the type and quality of items.  These include:

  • Shredded and recycled for unusable items
  • Refurbished and sent to Africa for ‘IT Schools Africa’ charity scheme.
  • Refurbished and resold by recycling agent for higher quality items. These items provide a rebate to Cheeky Munkey for us to provide to a charity of our choosing.
  • Stripped for reusable components for resale and recycle unusable parts.

All items which include a hard drive will have the hard drive removed and either shredded to 4mm segments or have their data erased using Blancco secure data erasure software.  The selected service is used by the NHS, schools and a wide range of governing bodies.

We offer onsite collection of hardware from our customers and require a minimum of 12 major items (eg desktops, laptops and printers).  However if you give us one off items during our customer on site visits, we will be able to collect these.

Recycling of Toners

Cheeky Munkey recycle old print cartridges to make new cartridges.  We will also pick up old toners from our customers to be recycled.  The third party we use for this service offer a nominal amount for every print cartridge.  Cheeky Munkey then donate this money to a charity of our choice.

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