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Fortify your digital defenses with our expert penetration testing services, ensuring comprehensive security solutions for your peace of mind.

Safeguarding your IT system against cyber attacks is essential for the smooth running of your business operations. Although implementing new methods of IT protection is an important step in securing your infrastructure, it’s incredibly beneficial to review your current setup and understand exactly where your IT security is vulnerable.

In recent years, cyber threats have become increasingly advanced. Even the smallest weaknesses in your IT infrastructure can be exploited and have damaging impacts on your business. This is why penetration testing is used as an effective solution.

What is penetration testing? 

Penetration testing, or pen testing, is an IT security tactic used to uncover vulnerabilities in IT systems, which are at risk of being exploited by cybercriminals. Penetration tests are performed by experienced IT professionals who essentially attempt to breach an IT system using similar techniques to those used by cybercriminals. This method accurately tests the level of defence a company’s IT setup has and helps them understand how at risk their systems are to various cyber attacks. 

Some companies rely solely on tools that perform routine vulnerability scans, however, these tend to be simplistic and standardised tests that cover the basics of cyber security and can leave smaller weaknesses undiagnosed. Professional pen tests help businesses manage and improve their IT security, preventing cyber attacks and other malicious IT activity that could be detrimental to the company.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey for penetration testing?

Our IT security team is highly qualified and experienced in performing penetration tests and other IT security measures. As a team, we never become complacent and continuously learn about the most recent IT developments, including tracking recent cyber attack trends and advanced IT breach techniques. 

With decades of experience, we can quickly spot weaknesses in IT infrastructure and using our extensive IT knowledge, can also offer the best solutions for safeguarding your business. After your pen test, we will share our findings with you and offer the right IT support services to get effective solutions implemented swiftly, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing additional support.   

Cheeky Munkey offers a wide selection of IT security services including:

Phases of penetration testing

  • Definition of scope, objectives, and rules of engagement.
  • Gathering information about the target systems and network.
  • Passive gathering of information about the target, such as IP addresses, domain names, employee details, etc.
  • Active scanning and enumeration to identify vulnerabilities and potential entry points.
  • Utilising automated tools to identify open ports, services, and vulnerabilities on target systems.
  • Exploiting identified vulnerabilities to gain access to the target systems or networks.
  • Using techniques like password cracking, SQL injection, or social engineering.
  • Establishing persistence within the target environment to maintain access even after initial entry points are patched or secured.
  • Assessing the impact of successful exploits and potential risks to the organisation.
  • Documenting findings, including vulnerabilities discovered, methods used, and recommendations for remediation.
  • Presenting findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report.
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities based on severity and providing guidance for resolving these.

What do our penetration testing services include? 

At Cheeky Munkey, we will get to know your business requirements so that we can perform the right type of penetration test and achieve the optimal outcome. There are various types of penetration tests including: 

  • Open-box penetration tests
  • Closed-box penetration tests
  • Covert penetration tests 
  • External penetration tests
  • Internal penetration tests
  • Phishing simulation tests
  • Wireless penetration tests 

If your business has a certain security concern, we can focus our efforts on that particular area. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a well-rounded security checkup, our IT security penetration services can be extended across multiple areas of your IT infrastructure.

What is the importance of penetration testing? 

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats to businesses and the consequences can be severe. Professional penetration testing is an effective way to identify weaknesses in your IT system and you lay out a roadmap of how best to improve your IT defences. 

Although vulnerability testing software can be useful for quick routine checks, it’s important to use non-automated penetration tests for complete assurance. Pen tests involve complex examinations that evolve in a similar way to cyber risks. Companies relying on automated security testing will not receive effective defence against recent, more advanced cyber attacks or breaching techniques. Opting for a team of IT experts to conduct your penetration tests helps to detect small and subtle issues that may not be identified by your internal processes or standard checks. 

To find out more about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help.

What is the purpose of penetration testing?

The purpose of penetration testing, often referred to as pen testing, is to evaluate the security of a computer system, network, or application by simulating real-world cyberattacks. This proactive approach helps identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system’s defenses before malicious actors exploit them. Ultimately, penetration testing aims to enhance security measures, mitigate risks, and protect sensitive data from potential breaches.

Is Cheeky Munkey penetration testing CREST-approved?

Yes, Cheeky Munkey’s penetration testing service is CREST-approved. This accreditation recognises organisations that meet rigorous standards of professionalism, competence, and ethical conduct in delivering cybersecurity testing services.

How often should penetration testing be done?

The frequency of penetration testing depends on various factors, including the organisation’s industry, regulatory requirements, and the evolving threat landscape. A rule of thumb followed by many cybersecurity professionals is to test at least once per year as a baseline, and to also test following major updates to your network or infrastructure. As with anything cybersecurity-related, you can never be too careful!

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