IT Support in London

London is a booming centre for international trade, attracting businesses of all kinds – businesses with complex IT needs. Our reliable brand of expert IT support is invaluable to organisations like these.

As a global business powerhouse, London now generates around a quarter of the UK’s GDP each year. It earned its reputation as the financial capital of the world by becoming the highest net exporter of financial services.

However, it’s not just finance that London’s known for. It’s also a hub for education, science, fashion and the arts. From world-class shopping and sport, to thriving hospitality and events industries, there are all manner of successful businesses spread throughout the capital. That’s not to mention the £6 billion tourism industry, which draws visitors from around the globe.

London’s million-plus companies – notably those in its booming tech and media sectors – place huge demands on Britain’s internet infrastructure and their own IT systems. As a result, any company based in London needs to take its IT setup seriously. IT support must be a priority and having technicians close by – for those times when on-site assistance is required – is a must.

Why do you need a London IT support company?

Organisations have never been so reliant upon the digital world. More business is done online and more people are working from home than ever before.

When hardware, servers or networks go down, businesses are left paralysed. Whether the cause is a power outage, hardware failure or a virus, time lost to inactivity is money lost. If there’s widespread data loss or real inconvenience for customers, there can also be reputational damage.

Companies must be able to call upon IT experts: to swiftly end disruptions to business as usual and make them less likely to happen in the future. If your IT support provider is located nearby, they can take decisive action quickly if they’re needed on site. From our St Albans base, we can reach your London offices in no time.

However, we aim to resolve your IT issues remotely, whenever possible. This way, we can get on with fixing the problem immediately.

We’ve been helping companies just like yours for decades, building a reputation for being diligent, dedicated and efficient. With us on your side, you’ll have your own team of IT experts just a call away.

Benefits of our IT support service in London

24/7 Support

Award winning services

Local and friendly team

99% client satisfaction

What’s included in our London IT support package?

We provide fully managed IT support and technology solutions, including proactive maintenance and monitoring, 24/7 IT support, network administration and technology consulting. We get to know your business inside out right from the outset. Then we can recommend technologies – in priority order – that will effectively address your unique business needs. Outsourcing your IT to our managed service means a fast and proactive approach to monitoring and strategic thinking when it comes to what is best for your business.

Our IT Support services in London are perfect for your business if:

  • You’re looking for 24/7 IT support available 365 days a year.
  • You’re an SME with 10-250+ people in your company.
  • You want access to your effective IT support quickly.
  • You’re looking for an IT support company that will take ownership and accountability of IT support issues and see them through to an effective resolution.

Why do you need a London IT support company?

Backup and disaster recovery

Ensure business continuity

Backup and disaster recovery

Protect your valuable data

Backup and disaster recovery

Save on staffing costs

Backup and disaster recovery

Increase productivity

Benefits of our London IT support and security solutions

Having Cheeky Munkey take care of your IT systems is like having an in-house IT department – but better.

Why? Well, we provide a personal, tailored service, backed by the familiarity that comes from getting to know your business (and your systems) properly. And our vastly experienced team responds extremely quickly to any callouts, fixing most issues in a matter of minutes. We can do that because we combine hard-earned IT expertise with up-to-the-minute industry knowledge.

However, unlike your own IT department, you won’t pay us a significant salary and you won’t need to provide us with equipment. In fact, IT support with us can cost just £45 a month. That’s a small price to pay for complete peace of mind and 24/7 support – as well as access to the tech usually reserved for larger businesses.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey as your IT support company in London?

You have different IT needs to every other company, even competitors in the same industry, or the office next door. That’s because your systems, your employees, the nature of your business, your business objectives, everything…is unique to your organisation.

And that’s why we get to know you properly. We’ll familiarise ourselves with the way you work, the hardware and software you use, and your requirements.

Then we’ll recommend an IT support and security bundle to meet your needs and goals, giving you the flexibility to mix and match services. You might, for instance, just want fundamental IT security measures, but a comprehensive level of IT support cover. We understand that SMEs, in particular, don’t always need all the services we can provide.

No matter what mix of services you choose, you’ll benefit from an essential level of IT support and security. As a minimum, you’ll have remote help desk support, unlimited on-site escalation, server monitoring and maintenance, and break-fix support for servers. At the upper end of the scale, we can offer services such as detailed cybersecurity audits, expert technical consultancy, and enhanced network monitoring and maintenance. Whatever your precise requirements, we have you covered.

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