Cyber Essentials

What are Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a certification scheme backed by the government to reduce cyber vulnerability throughout the supply chain. When implemented correctly, the security controls outlined should prevent 80% of cyber-attacks. Launched in 2014 by the National Cyber Security Centre, the Cyber Essentials scheme highlights the five basic cyber security controls that all businesses should be implementing:

  • • Secure connections to the internet
  • • Controlled access to devices and data
  • • Protection from viruses and other malware
  • • Management of software patches and updates
  • • Secure devices and configurations

Being certified is a great first step in being GDPR prepared. Cyber Essentials Certification is evidence that you have carried out the appropriate steps to protect your business and your data.

Our Cyber Essentials services

We’ll prepare you for Cyber Essentials assessment, making sure you can meet all the requirements before you try for certification. That way, you save time and money.

The first stage of the actual certification is online self-assessment, after which a qualified assessor will verify the information you’ve provided. So it’s vital that you’re thorough in your preparation.

Applying all of our IT expertise, we’ll analyse whether you measure up to the technical standards required for certification. We’ll do this by comprehensively auditing your IT systems and practices.

Of course, if there are any areas where you fall short, we can help you enhance your systems and processes. Whether it’s a cyber security issue or a connectivity problem, we’ll make certain you cover the five cyber security controls. Then you’ll be ready to take the assessment and reap all the benefits of certification.

Benefits of our Cyber Essentials solutions


Increased credibility and reputation - achieving Cyber Essentials Certification shows your commitment to protecting your own data and that of your customers and clients


Open business opportunities - demonstrates to new clients, including government contracts, that you’re working in a safe and secure digital environment.


Eligible for free cyber insurance cover - showing that your organisation is compliant with the scheme means that you could be eligible for free cyber insurance cover.

How does Cyber Essentials help with being GDPR-ready?

To be GDPR-ready, you’ll need more than the Cyber Essentials basic technical controls. Additional topics to cover include training staff, assessing business risks, dealing with incidents, and handling operational issues. As part of our consultancy service, Cheeky Munkey will locate any non-compliant areas and assist in resolving this before the formal assessment.

We also recommend that following this, your organisation acquires specialist legal advice on the GDPR. This applies to any data protection issue, as all advice from Cheeky Munkey on GDPR is not legal advice, it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Why you should Choose Cheeky Munkey as your Cyber Essentials provider

Commitment to understanding your business

We’ll make time to understand your business, operations and process, to accurately scope out your Cyber Essentials assessment requirements.

IT expertise

Since we have decades of experience in diagnosing and solving IT problems, we’re adept at quickly identifying gaps in cyber security measures.

Continuous learning

Despite our in-depth IT knowledge, we never become complacent. We consistently refresh our knowledge base, ensuring that we keep pace with the most recent developments in IT security.

Clear communication

Our mission is to simplify cyber security and IT in general. We’ll communicate to you in a clear and jargon-free way, explaining complex technical details in plain English.

Dedicated engineer

We know that you’ll have a lot of questions throughout the accreditation process, so you’ll have direct phone and email contact with your own go-to person.

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