IT Support in Bath

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to elevate your Bath business operations.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and years of industry experience, we offer a diverse range of services aimed at optimising your IT infrastructure.

Discover how our local presence, coupled with technical expertise, can seamlessly address your IT needs, ensuring your business thrives in the digital age.

Why do you need a Bath IT support company?

Irrespective of your industry, IT systems play an indispensable role in your daily operations. The surge in remote work after the Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the significance of IT systems and uninterrupted connectivity. Whether it affects your business systems, hardware or network connections, any IT glitch can disrupt your organisation, potentially causing days of operational downtime – and potential financial losses.

We understand the serious impacts caused by IT issues, which is why we promptly take action. In fact, we resolve a majority of problems in as little as 10 minutes. Additionally, our technical support specialists remain at your service 24/7.

Consider us your dedicated IT department, priming your IT systems for peak performance and addressing any glitches within minutes.

Benefits of our IT support service in Bath

Local expertise

Swift response times

Tailored solutions

Reduced downtime

What’s included in our Bath IT support packages?

As a valued partner of Cheeky Munkey, you gain comprehensive 24/7 IT support.

Recognising the unique needs of each business, we offer tailored IT support and security bundles to match your specific requirements. Whether opting for essential coverage or more extensive services, you can align IT services precisely with your needs, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Standard features encompass remote help desk support, augmented by unlimited on-site escalation as necessary.

We give you peace of mind through diligent server monitoring, remote maintenance, and break-fix support, ensuring seamless functionality.

Moreover, our premium package extends to advanced network monitoring and remote maintenance, further bolstering your IT systems’ resilience.

Why do you need an IT support company?

Backup and disaster recovery

Technical expertise

Backup and disaster recovery


Backup and disaster recovery

Focus on core business

Backup and disaster recovery

24/7 availability

Benefits of our Bath IT support and security solutions

Expert assistance

Our extensive IT experience spanning decades equips us to handle a whole range of challenges. Whether it's hardware, software or cybersecurity concerns, count on us to swiftly restore your operations.

Vigilant oversight

We maintain a vigilant watch over your IT servers, ensuring prompt identification and resolution of any issues. Should you prefer, we offer continuous 24/7 monitoring, making certain of uninterrupted operations. Additionally, our network surveillance guarantees downtime remains at bay.

Data protection

We not only protect you against cybersecurity threats but also ensure optimal data storage. From shielding against data loss due to power outages and human errors, to safeguarding against various scenarios, our measures ensure your data remains secure and accessible.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey as your IT support company in Bath?

Bath is conveniently situated just off the M4 and a simple hour and 20-minute train journey from London Paddington – making it easily reachable from Cheeky Munkey HQ. Whether your business needs IT infrastructure support, consultancy, or disaster recovery, our adept computer professionals blend local familiarity with IT expertise to ensure seamless operations. With our proximity, our expert IT technicians can swiftly attend to your needs.

Backed by two decades of technical support experience, our dedicated service desk team offers 24/7 phone support, providing friendly assistance to your Bath business. Our continuous remote support systems proactively identify and address potential issues round-the-clock.

For businesses in Bath seeking unparalleled IT support and a localised, approachable service with a reputation extending throughout England, the Cheeky Munkey team stands prepared to deliver decisive solutions.

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