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At Cheeky Munkey we know all about Managed Server solutions. We offer bespoke managed server solutions.

What Is managed hosting?

Managed hosting is a type of service in which a business hires IT hardware from a service provider, such as Cheeky Munkey. All managed hardware, i.e., servers, storage and network, has single tenant occupancy, in other words, no other customer will be using the same hardware. This provides the company with all the computing resources that the hardware provides: bandwidth, performance, RAM, storage, etc., and gives the customer complete control of the hardware, OS, software, and system security.

What is included in a managed hosting service?

Services include a managed datacentre (space, power, building maintenance, physical security, IT engineers, etc.), hardware, networking, operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) and application infrastructure. It is also possible to extend services even more by adding application management, too. At Cheeky Munkey we offer a wide range of IT solutions.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey server solutions??

Great communication – Our aim throughout all our services is great communication around the right managed server solution for you.

Full understanding of your business – Technical audits enable Cheeky Munkey to ensure that we scope out a solution that is suitable.

Knowledge and expertise – Cheeky Munkey has a wealth of experience and understanding in managed server solutions for all types of businesses needs

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