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As one of the UK’s leading IT support providers, you can count on our expertise and
dedicated service.

We’ll be your IT department. At Cheeky Munkey, we can provide everything your business needs to keep its IT infrastructure running smoothly – whether it’s just another day at the office or a major data disaster has struck.

With an outsourced helpdesk offering 24/7 support, you can rest easy knowing that the backbone of your business, its IT department, is in the hands of trusted experts who’ll be at your side when you need them. Whether it’s on-site support or remote monitoring, we’ve got it covered.

Our IT support services

What IT support service is right for you?

Each business is different and has unique IT requirements, so a one-size-fits-all approach never works. Before you decide upon an IT support service provider, there are various questions you should ask yourself:

  • -Do you need a reactive or a proactive service? Do you only need crisis responses or require expert system setup as well?
  • -Is 24/7 support a necessity for you?
  • -Is on-site support a requirement, or will remote support be suitable?
  • -Do you have an in-house IT team who can handle certain functions?

It’s obviously important to choose a sufficient level of service for your needs, but you should also ensure you don’t pay for services you don’t require.

Another consideration is where the IT service provider is based. Even if you opt for remote support, there may be occasions when you require your provider to visit your offices, typically at short notice.

At Cheeky Munkey, we offer dedicated IT support, solving problems large and small in no time. We’re also highly experienced, so you can rest assured that your IT systems are in safe hands with us.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey for your IT Support?

Backup and disaster recovery

24/7 Support

Cloud firewall

London/St Albans

Email protection

Friendly Service Providers

Email protection

On-site + Remote

What are the benefits of having an IT support service?

Every business relies upon its IT system. The moment it’s not working, you’re no longer working. Your business is effectively paralysed.

If you have IT experts on hand though, they can quickly get you back up and running. A well-considered disaster recovery plan can be the difference between business as usual and costly disruptions.

But if you have the right IT service provider on board, it might not even get to that stage. Rigorous IT audits analyse your systems in detail, uncovering weak points, stress-testing systems and recommending ways to improve your IT resilience. This could include upgrading network infrastructure, changing software or adding extra layers of security to guard against malicious attacks.

Of course, IT support service providers also deal with day-to-day issues, from software headaches to connectivity problems. At Cheeky Munkey, it’s our job to make sure you can do yours.

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