IT Support for Accountants

Protect and manage your mission-critical data with bespoke IT solutions from specialists who really understand your industry.

Cheeky Munkey provides managed services and IT support for accountants.  This ranges from hardware provision to telephone support, cloud computing services and consultancy.  Whatever your requirements, we have the right mix of solutions for accountancy firms.

In a data-driven industry like accountancy, a powerful, high-performance IT infrastructure is vital to your success. From central servers and secure data backup solutions to cutting-edge software solutions from industry leaders like Sage, IRIS and QuickBooks, every last component needs to be optimised to ensure you can access, organise and protect your vital data.

Cheeky Munkey understands the kinds of specialist IT support accountants need to succeed in a highly competitive industry and are well-equipped to meet those needs with a host of innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Benefits of Cheeky Munkey IT support for accountants

By working with Cheeky Munkey, you can feel assured that you’re taking the most responsible approach to optimizing the efficiency of your business and to the safekeeping of the information you are holding.

With issues around COVID 19 highlighting how much a sector can be disrupted, it is essential to have a solid IT strategy in place.  Some common problems include:


Accountancy practices deal with extremely sensitive client information, containing a mixture of personal details, professional and individual accounts and much more.  It is therefore vital that these are stored securely in a way that cannot be easily accessed through online intrusion, phishing tactics or both.

This could result in significant damage to your professional reputation, fines from individual bodies and clients and a huge loss in profits.  Ensuring sufficient safeguards are in place is therefore imperative.


GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018 and we are now out of the grace period for infractions or issues.  If personal data regulations are not followed, these can result in significant penalties.  While these are stringent, they will be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future legislation.

Having your physical and technical infrastructure set up in a way that allows your business to be reactive to change and growth is essential and it’s much more expensive to do it in reaction to change rather than through pre-planning


Accountancy is an exacting and arduous process. One of the biggest problems facing modern businesses is responding to volume – especially in the run up to tax deadlines or individual milestones for clients. Validating, storing and completing documentation can take time and without a shared digital infrastructure, you can find it difficult to complete with larger, or even smaller and better equipped firms.


No business will be free of issues.  Technical and hardware issues can occur and recovering data from them can be challenging.  If your systems are down, getting back on your feet quickly is key.


While providing client care is essential, your business must remain profitable.  For many companies, there is a need to justify every expense and asset.  This can make it difficult to maintain the critical level of staff required, attract the best quality candidates and manage your marketing, accounts and technical infrastructure.  Thankfully, Cheeky Munkey can offer you a suitable solution.

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