IT Support in Oxford

In the heart of this bustling academic city, our comprehensive IT solutions are tailored to elevate your business operations.

With a commitment to excellence and years of industry expertise, we provide a wide array of services to ensure your IT infrastructure thrives.

Find out how our local presence, coupled with technical prowess, can effectively address your IT needs and propel your business forward in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why do you need an Oxford IT support company?

In the contemporary business landscape, IT serves as the backbone of all kinds of businesses. The potential disruption caused by IT issues, leading to significant time and financial setbacks, is undeniable. Securing effective IT support and implementing robust security measures is pivotal to avoiding such scenarios.

At Cheeky Munkey, we bring to the table our wealth of experience and local knowledge, ensuring swift problem-solving and proactive management.

We wholeheartedly embrace your IT challenges as our own, driven by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Regardless of the root causes of your IT predicaments, rest assured we’ll quickly restore your business operations with complete support and efficient issue resolution.

Benefits of our IT support service in Oxford

Expertise and knowledge

24/7 support


99% client satisfaction

What’s included in our Oxford IT support packages?

Recognising the individual requirements of each organisation, we offer diverse service packages that can be tailored to your needs.

Our IT support and security strategy involves dedicating time to understanding your business, its IT infrastructure and specific requirements. We actively explore ways to optimise your systems to ensure their optimal performance and uninterrupted functionality.

Due to the unique nature of each organisation, you have the flexibility to combine and customise our IT support and security bundles. For instance, you could opt for foundational IT security measures while also opting for more comprehensive support services. It’s all focused on what you need.

Every package includes a baseline level of IT support and security, including vital services. This takes in remote help desk assistance, limitless on-site escalation, server monitoring, maintenance, and break-fix support for servers.

Should you choose the premium support package, you’ll gain advantages such as elevated network monitoring and maintenance alongside continuous 24/7 server monitoring. This package also incorporates technical consultancy, allowing us to guide you on optimising your IT systems to not only attain peak performance but also aligning them with your business objectives.

Why do you need an IT support company?

Backup and disaster recovery

Scalability and flexibility

Backup and disaster recovery

Proactive maintenance

Backup and disaster recovery

Protect your valuable data

Backup and disaster recovery

Focus on core business

Benefits of our Oxford IT support and security solutions

Our strength lies in our professionalism and extensive expertise, developed over years of delivering IT support. Unlike maintaining an internal IT department, we spare you significant staffing and equipment expenses. Our essential IT support is available for just £45 monthly, a fraction of the costs an in-house department entails.

Whether aiding your transition to cloud computing, software upgrades or ensuring robust connectivity, we provide comprehensive guidance. Additionally, our familiarity with your systems enables swift issue resolution, usually within minutes.

With us, your IT systems are in the very safest of hands. Rest assured, our services offer cutting-edge, highly effective IT security measures, from server security and antivirus software to data backup and staff security training.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey as your IT support company in Oxford?

For businesses in Oxford seeking IT consultancy, daily assistance, cloud solutions or disaster recovery, we’re here for you. Armed with local familiarity and IT expertise, we ensure seamless business operations. In fact, you can count on us for approachable, personalised advice for any IT concern.

Our dedicated team of technical specialists is accessible 24/7, day or night, offering individualised IT support to tackle your challenges. Our remote support and monitoring systems remain vigilant around the clock, proactively addressing issues before they escalate, regardless of your location.

If your Oxford-based business needs dedicated IT support and a personable local service, the Cheeky Munkey team is primed to take action.

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