IT Support for Schools & Education

Our fully-managed proactive support service will keep your school’s IT systems free of viruses and other invasive malware, so your students can safely enjoy using computer technology.

Why are managed IT support services important for schools?

As the UK’s schools continue to increase spending on ICT to prepare students for the digitised workplace, the importance of ICT for education grows bigger. Computer technology has never played more of a part in young people’s lives than it does today.

As well as aiming to set them up for a lifetime of safe, responsible and healthy computer use, its inclusion in the school curriculum can result in more personalised learning and increased productivity. However, it also creates a greater need for quality IT support for places of education.

The kinds of technologies now available in schools open up education to an array of exciting methods for engaging young minds. Limitless resources from across the globe can broaden their horizons and shape their perceptions. Students’ understanding of the world around them, their interactions with one another and even their fine motor skills can all be enhanced by ICT.

However, because the average secondary school now has around 430 computers as part of a larger interconnected web of devices, its IT network requires the same level of support as a large business – but with a much more specialised focus.

When Do Schools & Education Providers Need It Support?

In order to provide the best possible learning environment, the highest-quality IT monitoring, support and maintenance are an absolute necessity. But finding the right IT provider to meet the needs of your school is not often easy.

The priority of IT support in education is the wellbeing and safeguarding of pupils when they are using computers and devices. If not managed correctly, the risks associated with ICT in schools can be substantial.

In order to prevent young people from being exposed to harmful, inappropriate or exploitative material, or being vulnerable to cyber-attacks, the management of risk goes far beyond the close monitoring of computer screens.

Today more than ever, children are computer-literate long before they have reached school age. A well-functioning, robust and expertly maintained IT support system is therefore crucial for every education provider.

The government recommends that education centres take all reasonable measures to ensure a safe online environment for their students. Its updated 2019 guidelines on keeping children safe in education state that:

‘Governing bodies and proprietors should be doing all that they reasonably can to limit children’s exposure to the above risks from the school’s or college’s IT system. As part of this process, governing bodies and proprietors should ensure their school or college has appropriate filters and monitoring systems in place.’

What It Support Services For Schools Do We Offer?

With experience in providing specialist IT support for schools, Cheeky Munkey’s expert team are familiar with the benefits and potential risks that these technologies bring. The security measures we provide can minimise threats to vulnerable children by offering robust protection from all types of harmful content.

Our fully-managed proactive support service will also keep your school’s IT systems free of viruses and other invasive malware, as well as taking care of any necessary software updates and hardware performance.

Cheeky Munkey’s team of friendly IT experts have years of experience in making IT systems run without a hitch. For a guaranteed 24/7 support service, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to find the perfect solution for you.

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