IT Support for Law Firms

We understand that the key to a strong relationship within the legal sector is trust and confidentiality.  Guaranteeing security, minimising risk and empowering better processes are vital.  Without them, time, money, and your reputation are on the line.

From small law firms to LLPs with multiple partners, barristers to solicitors; we provide you with the best IT support you need.

With the constant high pressure, demands and deadlines faced by legal companies, it is important that you have reliable IT systems in place that support the following:

Remote working:  When your employees are working from various locations at all hours, it is of paramount importance to have an IT system that’s easily accessible: whether you’re sat at your desk, in court, or are out visiting clients.

Productivity:  The last thing you need is an IT issue that results in unnecessary downtime. We’ll have you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Security:  Working in the legal sector, you will be handling sensitive information that needs to remain confidential.  Law firms should be aware of any legislation that protects electronic communication. Data and personal information should be protected at all costs—this includes end-to-end encryption of email, chat and voice.

A good IT security partner will begin with an IT security risk assessment to determine any potential threats and vulnerabilities in your law firm. This is a great place to start your benchmark for improving your security in the organisation. Security breaches can occur in many ways and can include brute force attacks, hacking, a loss or theft of a computer or smartphone, a physical break-in and more.

IT support services for law firms ensures that your systems are patched, updated and secure whilst providing 24/7 monitoring and support.

Cheeky Munkey’s consultants will advise on the best IT support service to suit your needs and budget.

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