Network & VOIP Technology

Cheeky Munkey provide secure and reliable network services in London & the Home Counties. Network Services/Managed Network Services are the services of management of networks by Cheeky Munkey IT. We have an experienced team that can effectively support your network and provide a full managed networks service.

Managed Networks.  What are they?

A managed network is a communication network that is built, operated, and secured by an IT provider, Cheeky Munkey.

The scope of managed network services extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Network Consulting Services and Network implementation services, and here at Cheeky Munkey, as experts we can assist with all of this.

Cisco Select Partner

Being a Cisco Select partner we can effectively manage and support your network, we understand that all businesses are different and may have unique requirements, we are here to help!

Why do I need network support services?

Outsourcing IT services can be very advantageous, especially your network services. Allowing experts to help support your network can enable you to become more productive and can lead to growth in the short and long term. The onus is put upon the specialists to provide the support and maintenance rather than you having to get your own team involved; you can focus on core competencies and let us manage your network for you.

Benefits of Network Support Services

Better cost management – Managing those costs is the key to initial success. For larger established businesses as well as small start-ups, careful cost management leads to successful business growth.

Get the latest technology first – With us being the experts we can ensure that you have access to the latest developments of technology, security patches, development and updates.

Improved security – IT security is a huge complex issue. With our professional team able to help and advise you on key areas of improvement and recommended policies, you will benefit from true expertise and suitable advice to ensure that your network is robust and secure. You will minimise the risk of Network failure and data loss.

Why businesses love us

Our Clients say a bunch of nice things about the service we provide here are just a few of them...