IT Backup Solutions

A secure, accessible, and reliable backup will ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have the required copies to keep your business running in the case of a malicious attack, natural disaster, or data loss.

Why is it important to back up data?

Every business requires a backup solution of some sort. Over the past decade we have witnessed major technological development in this field, causing a conundrum for businesses in deciding the most suitable solution for them. We have listed below the different types of backups and how they work.

Cloud backup solutions for business

Having a business-grade cloud backup solution enables businesses to have a cost-effective backup ‘as a service’ solution. Cloud backup enables clients to have a resilient backup solution that does not require heavy upfront investment, protecting data wherever it may sit. Using cloud-based backup services has made a highly onerous, complex, and tedious task much faster and simpler.

Business cloud backup also allows for businesses to have one account that is used across PCs, Macs and servers, all managed from one simple to use web portal. This ensures that the backup caters for everything in the environment if required. Individual devices can also be cherry picked for inclusion if there are individual users or user groups that require cloud backup.

A hybrid cloud solution is where some of the components are in the cloud and other are located on premise. Having multiple copies of your data in multiple locations means that you have more than one chance of recovery. You are also covered against hardware or media damage, caused, for example, by fire or flooding in your office. Having devices on your premises and in the cloud (hybrid cloud model) also increases fault tolerance against theft or component failure. Having an on and offsite backup solution service can also include business continuity, ensuring that the business does not have any downtime.

Finally, on-premises backups copy your hardware data to a storage device placed in-house. These devices can back up your data automatically or manually and are stored onsite for quick access or physically moved offsite afterwards for archival reasons. Examples of on-premises backup solutions include network attached storage, storage servers or external hard drives.

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