IT Support for Charities

At Cheeky Munkey, we work closely with charities and non-for-profit organisations to provide fully managed, bespoke IT support services to suit your needs and budget.

We understand the unique challenges faced by charitable organisations when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. With limited resources and a focus on their mission, charities need reliable and efficient IT solutions. Our dedicated team of IT professionals specialises in providing comprehensive managed IT support tailored to the specific needs of charitable organisations. From network setup and maintenance to data security and software support, we're here to ensure your IT systems run smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on making a positive impact in the community.

Our IT support services for charities

How to choose the level of IT support required for your charity

When resources are limited, deciding upon the level of IT support for your charity requires careful consideration.

Start by identifying the critical IT needs necessary for your organisation’s operations, focussing on essential services like network stability, data backup, and basic cybersecurity measures.

Next, determine the scale and size of the job required. If the budget is limited, opt for an on-call service from time to time to get you started.

Another option is to empower your staff with basic IT training once an experienced IT service provider has implemented the necessities.

Ideally, find an IT support company where you can dictate the level of your requirements. This offers the most helpful and adaptable service, which is the most economical for a smaller charity.

By strategically allocating your limited resources, you can still obtain valuable IT support to ensure the smooth functioning of your charity.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey as your IT support provider?

Large or small, your organisation relies on the IT infrastructure to carry out the valuable services you provide. Wasted time is very costly, so it’s important to choose a provider with a proven track record.

We understand that charities are under increasing pressure to deliver a high level of service to all their stakeholders, in an increasingly digitised world. From donors and volunteers, to staff and the vulnerable people they help, charities must make sure that their IT systems offer an effective service to everyone that needs them.

Cheeky Munkey will help you ensure that budgets are spent wisely, and that any technological investment is a sound and justifiable decision. We only provide you with the most reliable, independent advice to ensure you receive the best value for money solution.

What are the benefits of IT support services for charities and non-profits?

IT support services offer several benefits for charities. Some key advantages include:

Enhanced efficiency: With reliable IT support, charities benefit from effective hardware and software solutions, optimised workflows, and smooth communication and collaboration.

Data security: Sensitive donor information, financial records and other confidential data is protected through robust cybersecurity measures, data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Cost savings: IT support providers can offer cost-effective solutions through efficient infrastructure management and cloud-based services.

Technical expertise: Specialised knowledge and skills come with IT support, providing guidance, training and troubleshooting for hardware, software and networking issues.

Scalability: As charities grow and evolve, IT support services can accommodate digital transformation needs by scaling the infrastructure, expanding network capabilities and implementing adaptable software solutions.

Focus on mission: Outsourcing IT support allows charity staff to focus on their core mission and activities, rather than dealing with technical complexities and troubleshooting.

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