Cloud IT Services

Find out about the wide range of tailored cloud services Cheeky Munkey offers and how they could transform your business, from storage to security.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

At Cheeky Munkey we know our way from one cloud to another. We provide bespoke hybrid, private cloud and public cloud IT services, and we can help your business to navigate the vast virtual environment that cloud software provides – and benefit from the huge advantages that using it can bring. For many companies, the cloud is still something of an unknown concept. Without an expert IT department at hand, it can be difficult to make cloud services work in a way that best suits your business needs. Cheeky Munkey provides a wide range of cloud IT services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Among the cloud IT services we offer are:

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Services are designed to fit around your business and your specific requirements – providing only what you’ll find truly relevant to you. Whether it’s a private, public or hybrid cloud solution, Cheeky Munkey can provide it by carefully analysing your infrastructure. Our virtual/hosted desktops also allow you to work flexibly and reduce software spend.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is an essential part of your company’s disaster recovery plan. It allows you to store data offsite – meaning quick recovery in the event of a data catastrophe. You can be reassured that your business continuity is in hand, with Cheeky Munkey ready to get you back up and running within minutes of server failure.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting means relying on Cheeky Munkey to handle some of the most critical elements of your business. Management of email, telephone systems and internal servers cause a lot of stress and frustration. Cheeky Munkey use cost-effective systems to manage your communication services and servers off-site for a low cost monthly fee. We partner with trusted names like Microsoft and Cisco to offer highly reliable systems.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security gives your IT infrastructure greater protections and prevents malware from entering your business’s IT systems. Local anti-virus on your company’s internal servers can only do so much, and relying on employees to spot threats is a high-risk strategy. With our trusted security services, you can be sure that threats are kept at bay long before they reach your system.

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