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Don’t let your inbox become a gateway for cyber threats; protect your business with our robust email security solutions.

Email cyber attacks are one of the most common cyber security challenges that businesses face. With so many businesses using email as their primary means of communication, cybercriminals take advantage of this access point and use it as a way to infiltrate IT systems.

What is email security? 

Email security is the process of protecting email accounts and communications from being compromised, accessed by unauthorised users or other cyber threats. Essentially, email security protects businesses against cyber attacks via email using several methods including establishing email policies and using tools that prevent malicious threats, such as spam mail or phishing attempts. 

Emails are often a common target for cybercriminals because they are an easy access point to multiple accounts and devices. Plus, they take advantage of the likelihood of human error from email users. In recent years, cyber attacks on emails have become incredibly sophisticated and convincing, which has made them one of the easiest ways for criminals to penetrate a business’s IT systems. 

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Our email security services 

Cheeky Munkey’s email security services offer first-line defence against malicious emails and malware attacks. After decades of experience in dealing with email security and seeing how much these types of attacks have adapted, we are well-equipped to provide excellent protection for your company’s emails.

After getting to know your business’s unique needs and challenges, we can offer many email security solutions that will ensure all employees’ emails are safeguarded from outside threats. Some of our email security measures include:

  • Phishing testing
  • User awareness training 
  • Threat detection 
  • Email filtering 

Our email security services are completely customisable so you can pick and choose the types of preventative measures you would like to implement. We have a highly qualified IT team who are able to advise you on the types of email security options best suited to your business, considering both the functionality of your email system and the type of software you use.

Why is email security important? 

The dangerous thing about email security is that simply opening an email or clicking through to a shared link or attachment can infiltrate your business servers and corrupt them with dangerous viruses or malicious malware. It takes one small mistake to impose serious financial and reputational damage.

Email is quite a vulnerable system for many reasons, including: 

    • Compromised users: it is not uncommon for employees’ accounts to be hacked, which can then lead to the distribution of dangerous malware, phishing emails or a breach of data privacy regulations. 
    • Untrained employees: staff may not be aware of the different types of email security risks or how to respond in the event of an attack, so are more likely to make mistakes, such as opening phishing emails or allowing viruses in via emails.
    • Cybercriminals: these criminals are very knowledgeable and have adapted the way they operate to make attempts to hack emails sophisticated and believable, making it even harder for employees to spot when their emails are at risk. 

What are the benefits of email security? 

  • Broadens employee awareness: internal employees will become more aware of potential email threats, preventing unintentional engagement with harmful emails. 
  • Spam and phishing protection: opting for professional email security services helps detect unsafe emails in all business email accounts. 
  • Improved productivity: with secured email communications, employees can spend less time removing junk and filtering emails and more time on work that counts. 
  • Protects sensitive information: most businesses rely on emails for receiving and storing private information. Having email security protects your data by identifying threats such as malware, phishing or potential ransomware attacks. 

Why choose Cheeky Munkey as your email security provider? 

Cheeky Munkey’s specialist IT security team are experts at securing vulnerable email accounts and maintaining streamlined email communications. Our security specialists are dedicated to staying up to date with recent IT developments, including monitoring IT security trends and advancing techniques used by cybercriminals to put emails at risk.  

With decades of experience, our team can identify gaps in email security quickly and using their extensive IT knowledge, can advise you on the latest and most effective solutions for safeguarding your business emails. Plus, we pride ourselves on our client-centric approach – working closely with you to understand your business and devise a strategy to ensure any new email security measures will seamlessly fit into your everyday business operations.

Cheeky Munkey offers a wide selection of IT security services including:

To find out more about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help.

What cyber threats are associated with email?

Cyber threats associated with email include:

  • Phishing attacks – where attackers impersonate legitimate entities to deceive recipients into divulging sensitive information.
  • Malware distribution – where malicious attachments or links are used to compromise systems.
  • Business email compromise (BEC) – where fraudulent emails are used to trick employees into financial transactions or data disclosures.

How does email security work?

Email security employs various techniques such as email filtering to identify and block malicious content, encryption to protect message confidentiality, and authentication protocols to verify sender authenticity and prevent spoofing and phishing attempts. Additionally, user training plays a crucial role in educating employees around recognising and reporting suspicious activities, which fosters a culture of cybersecurity awareness in your business.

Why should you partner with an email security provider?

Cheeky Munkey are professionals with specialised knowledge and experience in managing email security. We stay updated with the latest trends and threats in cybersecurity, ensuring that your email security measures are always current and effective. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs, and even have a 24/7 helpdesk for your peace of mind.

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