Server Monitoring Service

A server monitoring service is an application that monitors your server’s systems to understand how your server is performing including memory consumption, usage, process etc. This helps to identify how you can better your server’s overall performance and how to get the most out of our server. At Cheeky Munkey we have our own proactive server monitoring application that would allow us to help you with this.

What is included in our monitoring service?

At Cheeky Munkey are server monitoring services are unique. Regular updates are pushed out to the servers frequently to ensure server performance is where it should be. We will always be transparent about your server, meaning that if its not performing we will tell you what needs to e done to increase levels of performance. With our monitoring service it is 24/7 and security features are built on to help protect your data.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey?

  • Regular updates pushed out
  • Full transparency about your servers
  • Security features
  • Full management if your servers 24/7

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