Server Virtualisation Services

Server virtualisation is the process of taking one physical server and converting or partitioning it into several virtual spaces in order best use the resources.

Server virtualisation enables you to take files, folders and applications and host them on multiple unique virtual machines within the host physical server. These virtual machines can each run their own operating systems and applications and can be proactively managed and supported independently of the others.

What are the advantages of Server Virtualisation Services?

Server virtualisation is a great way to consolidate your physical server environment, reduce operating costs and reduce the complexity of your set up. Virtual machines (VMs) running independently with their own resources also help to increase performance of applications and processes.

Having virtual machines on a physical server makes it easy to migrate and replicate servers when you need to carry out maintenance or upgrade the physical host at the end of its recommended hardware lifecycle.

If you are looking to upgrade or replace your server infrastructure get in touch with our specialists today and see if virtualisation is right for you!

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