Server Support Services 24/7

At Cheeky Munkey we offer 24/7 proactive server support and maintenance including patching for our customers. We also provide support for servers out of hours to ensure business security, stability, uptime, and continuity. Whether you have a traditional on-premises server or a hosted server, or a physical or virtual server set up; Cheeky Munkey have the server support service to best suit your needs.

Virtual and hosted server support services

Virtualisation and hosting is now becoming more common in all business sizes and structures and is a leading factor in the future of IT. Virtualisation and hosting can now be adopted for much lower costs that previous, making it easier implement.

Cheeky Munkey can help you evaluate if virtualization or hosting is right for your business, we consider you current physical resources and how they are being utilised. Do you have multiple servers doing different tasks? Are you worried with current costs, efficiency and time spent supporting existing server environment? If so we can help to build the correct solution for your business.

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