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6 considerations when selecting an IT provider

Technology is essential to the operation of most businesses. The best systems and services allow businesses to have sustainable growth, allowing employees to be as productive as possible. The pandemic has increased the need for IT services to provide timely support and flexible solutions that focus on security.

In the past 10 years third party IT providers have been able to combine all the necessary products, services, and systems into one solution packaged for individual businesses. However, with so many to choose from, this article will help to find the perfect one for you.

Experience with Past Customers 

Every organisation has its own IT requirements, so it can be beneficial to work with an IT provider with experience supporting similar businesses in similar industries. Fortunately, most IT providers post a testimonial section on their website with examples of case studies, which provide a first-hand view of how they provided a solution for a specific customer.

Availability and Response Times

Choosing an IT Support provider

Service levels and response time are one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting an IT provider. It is essential that an IT provider can react to inevitable technical issues and solve problems without significant downtime. Another consideration is communication channels. It can sometimes be faster to receive support over the phone rather than email. Additionally, your IT service provider should be capable of offering 24/7 proactive support, constantly monitoring your systems, to ensure that any issues are detected before resulting in other complications.

Value for Money

Like a lot of things in life, cheaper is not always better. IT is essential to every business and having a low cost solution that has high downtime and poor support can lead to lost revenue from not be able to access data. A great IT service provider will deliver a solution which works as intended and allows room for growth.


As businesses grow, their IT requirements evolve too. Discussions with potential IT providers should bring up current requirements and also expected requirements in the future. This way you can ensure the provider is capable of accommodating your evolution and what pricing may look like.

Flexible Solutions

Each business has different individual requirements. This is why its important IT service providers offer bespoke solutions to fit the clients’ specific needs. A comprehensive solution will offer a greater experience and may even reduce costs by only including what’s necessary.

Technical Skills

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your business’s IT is that you are able to rely on the technical expertise of your chosen IT provider. It’s important to select a provider that will be able to fix any technical issues promptly, regardless of the complexity. It can be difficult to vet a provider’s technical expertise without having worked with them previously, however businesses should be able to form an opinion based on reviews, case studies and customer testimonials.

IT is a fundamental component of a business’s success; it can be a daunting task to select the perfect IT provider. However, selecting the right provider can boost employee productivity and drive business growth. If you are considering outsourcing your IT, or moving from another IT provider, get in touch today to find out how we can provide a solution to meet all your IT needs.

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