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Advantages of Using eSignatures for Retail Businesses

ESignatures have become increasingly more popular over the last few years and these solutions have been adopted by business all over the world. We believe that eSignatures are important for all SMB’s that want to keep up with ever evolving technologies. eSignatures have had an annual growth rate of 30%.

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What are eSignatures?

eSignatures are signatures that are signed electronically. The idea of an eSignature has been around for ages, but the practicality and legitimacy of this was always questioned. Since the introduction of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) law eSignatures have taken off.

Since the adoption of eSignatures, the preceding annual growth rate of 30% is proof that companies are quickly latching onto the many benefits of eSignature.

PDFs have the ability to insert eSignatures and they have done for some time.  Adobe turned the PDF into an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Open Standard in 2008.

Advantages of an eSignature Solution

Reduce Environmental Impact

An eSignature solution has a huge beneficial impact on the environment. There is no longer a need to print out several paper documents or have printers plugged in and using electricity.

Pinter ink and cartridges are very harmful for the environment. Ink and toner are toxic and cause harm to nature and its habitats. Cartridges are made out of non-recyclable materials so that they end up in landfills.

Strengthen your Security Posture

A good eSignature solution will have various security features that will ensure that you are the only person that is actually signing documents…

  •  MFA
  • IP Tracing
  • Push notifications
  • Passwords
  • Biometric Authentication

These security features make sure that your electronic signature is safe and secure. 81% of businesses say that eSignatures are the most essential part of their security systems.

Tracking Progress of the Forms

eSignature solutions allow you to track progress on your document effortlessly. Gone are the days of having to wait for physical mail or for the other person to scan and email the signed documents over.  You can now just insert a signature with one simple click.

Remain Compliant

One day you may need an eSignature solution to be able to sign documents with another company that only uses electronic signatures. With eSignatures becoming more popular every year, this is becoming increasingly more likely.

Instead of falling out of the pack and having to play catch up implement an eSignature solution sooner rather than later.

SMB Use Cases

Employee Onboarding

eSignatures and digital contracts make it so much easier to keep track of who you have signed on to work and when. This way you can ensure that each employee contact is safe and secure. Usually onboarding of a new employee can be a long and frustrating process., not anymore.

Sales Contracts

In the sales industry contracts are signed by customers and merchants hourly. eSignatures are perfect for commerce; it makes you and your customer experience easier and saves a bunch of time. You no longer have to print out a contract, instead you can use a mobile phone or computer and take this wherever you go. This is even more beneficial nowadays because if hybrid working and the remote world.

Customer Approvals

eSignature solutions will help with customer approval transactions. Your customer can just sign the invoice once they are happy, saving everyone time. This also works the other way, if your customer is not happy with the proposal, they can add notes and submit a revised offer there and then.

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