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How businesses can move to a paperless future

In the past, all businesses relied on paper processes and printing for all business operations. As businesses have piloted new technologies, they have also reduced their paper consumption. However, most businesses still make use of legacy paper-based systems and are yet to become completely paperless.

Go Paperless


Benefits of being paperless

Faster Access to Information

When paper documents are moved to the cloud it makes sure that employees can quickly access any document. Some paperwork may be needed, but it is significantly faster to search for the document in a cloud storage system.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Moving to a paperless future can have a significant impact on reducing carbon footprint. Fewer trees are cut down to create paper.  Plus, digitising processes also means that courier services are no longer needed, further reducing their operating carbon emissions.

Simplify Disaster Recovery

If a business was unfortunate enough to experience a fire or flood, it would mean all of their paper documents would be destroyed.

Tips for moving to a paperless future

Make use of Cloud Storage

Whilst there are many different storage options for digital documents, none are as versatile and cost effective as cloud storage. With a cloud storage solution, employees can quickly and easily access files from any device with an internet connection, making it perfectly suited for remote or hybrid work.

Implement an eSignature Solution

Many businesses have already digitised some of their processes but lots of businesses still rely on paper contracts that are manually processed by employees. In order to move to a paperless future, businesses can implement an eSignature solution. A comprehensive eSignature solution also enables businesses to streamline other processes and even track the status of a document in real-time, reducing the chance of delays during projects and creating better customer experiences.

Educate Employees

In order for businesses to become paperless, they must introduce several new technologies and to ensure success, it is essential that employees have training on how to use the technologies and the importance of reducing reliance on paper.

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