Reduce background noise in Microsoft Teams update

Most will agree the introduction of remote working has had its benefits, but it is not without challenges; unstable internet connections, children and pets can all interrupt important conversations whilst working from home.

Microsoft Teams continues to lead the market in innovating and developing new features that suit the remote worker, keeping businesses seamlessly connected and in sync during these turbulent times. The latest announced feature? Teams is now introducing AI technology to reduce background noise and enhance video calling.

Keep reading to learn more about how Teams will be using AI to achieve this sought-after feature.

How to reduce background noise on Microsoft Teams

Teams meeting with many people

As the UK heads into a second lockdown remote working is quickly becoming a permanent solution for many businesses. At a time when tension and emotions are running high, little annoyances can turn into major headaches. Microsoft Teams is continuing to adapt to the needs of businesses during the pandemic by resolving the everyday frustrations and challenges of remote work.

Microsoft recently released their latest roadmap which highlighted the latest updates to come in November. This includes the introduction of AI to reduce background noise and enhance user experience, allowing users to remove background noise and unwanted disruptions during Teams calls.

Who will have access to the Microsoft Teams update?

All desktops and laptops operating windows 10 will have access to the update expected to roll out in late November. At this point in time, we are unsure if it will be available for other devices.

What other features are included in the update?

Asides from the plethora of features to improve functionality, Microsoft Teams continues to update its security controls to keep businesses safe during these uncertain times. This layer of protection allows users to share important files without having to worry about compromising confidential information

Microsoft’s commitment to improve remote work conditions makes it clear why the app is the number one choice for remote working businesses. If you would like to know more about Microsoft Teams check out our previous blog.

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