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Using OneDrive to collaborate across work and home

Using OneDrive to collaborate across work and home is a great tool for getting work done and storing files safely. From work life, to home activities, we all need the right tool for the job.

That’s where OneDrive from Microsoft comes in. OneDrive is a cloud-based collaborative platform. It can be used on both an enterprise scale, as well as for personal file sharing and storage. Users can use OneDrive to collaborate across work and home. Additionally, users can access robust security features, seamless backup, and access to the full Microsoft 365 suite, from any device.

OneDrive runs alongside Microsoft 365, and enhances the collaborative freedom users have for their business and personal file use.

Welcome to a world of hybrid working

Here is a rundown of what’s new, and what you can look forward to, after installing OneDrive:

Add to OneDrive

Users can now share, store, and edit any file as if it were their own.

It allows every kind of user to step up their collaborative flexibility, so it really is a game changer. This feature will bring applications like SharePoint and Teams closer together, which leads into the next feature:

Teams sharing integration

Users can benefit from having the same sharing options that come with their other Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook.

The new update means that Teams will allow you to choose between anyone, or only people from your organisation or group chat. Once you select your preference, those people are then able to make changes real-time, as well as see any updates you make to the file yourself.

Move and keep sharing

If you ever need to relocate a file, now you can do so whilst automatically notifying your teams/friends. Whenever you move a file, those that previously collaborated on it will be provided with a link to the new file, plus, they will maintain the same permissions they had beforehand.

Increased file size limit

Like to share large files? Now, OneDrive has given you more freedom! The maximum file size for uploads to OneDrive and SharePoint has increased from 15 GB to 100 GB for all kinds of users, great for video and 3D file users.

Comment notifications

Comment notifications can now be turned off for individual files, instead of a full library, so that you can focus on your most important files without distraction.

Sync admin reports

As an admin, you should have better control over the monitoring of your team. Microsoft has enhanced its admin reports feature, to let you fully see where users are falling behind on updates, sync success, and where errors are occurring in the sync process. This is great for ensuring files remain both secure and up to date.

Better group sharing, better privacy

Now, users can specify people they wish to share files with. Your files can be kept within your group, and everyone in the group can edit those files.

You can have peace of mind that all files stored via OneDrive can be protected with file encryption as security and privacy is Microsoft’s top priority.

With One Drive file sharing is safe, secure, and scalable between colleagues, friends, and family, while accessing the latest security and collaborative features.

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