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Why your business should consider outsourcing your IT support

As the UK economy looks set to head into its second recession over the past three years, businesses are consistently seeking new levels of efficiency to remain competitive. Studies show that 70% of businesses choose to outsource their internal operations because of the cost benefit. In fact, outsourcing your IT operations can help your business unlock new levels of efficiency whilst also cutting costs.

In this article, we’ll explain why so many businesses are adopting outsourced IT support and how it can transform your organisation for the better.

Access resource based on levels of demand 

In comparison to an inhouse IT department, managed service providers are much more scalable and elastic to change. For example, if you own a seasonal business, your support requirements may change drastically due a shift in demand. Such change can be facilitated with no sweat with an MSP like Cheeky Munkey.

Commonly, dedicated IT departments will focus on the tasks which are most essential or critical to the business. This is totally understandable, so an outsourced IT department can help with lightening their workload. We can assist with small and large requests by offering a hybrid service named ‘Block hours’.

From an ad hoc service to fully managed 24/7 support, we provide all clients with flexible and effective IT help.

Reduce costs

As mentioned, 70% of businesses choose to outsource their internal operations because of the cost benefit. Not only are you saving from the cost of a salary for a full time IT team department, MSP’s have the benefit of economies of scale when it comes to procuring new hardware and software. From volume based discounts, to increased purchasing power, MSPs like Cheeky Munkey can save your business costs in numerous arears.

Reduce the workload for internal IT resources

Some businesses require an internal IT team, by outsourcing a portion of their workload you can ensure they can focus on the most important tasks. On the other hand, many small businesses don’t have an IT department at all. Usually, the tech savy employees are delegated the IT tasks, however, there is huge opportunity cost and actually it is more cost effective to free up their time to focus on business growth, instead of fixing computers.

Benefit from a wide variety of expertise

By outsourcing your IT needs, you get access to high level IT engineers with over 20 years of experience at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you have the benefit of well diversified skill sets which can be allocated to specific niche requests.

Put simply, an MSP will have the ability to support you in ways that a small in-house team may not be able to.

Remember, managed IT firms work with hundreds of businesses like yours and know exactly what strategies will help improve your business operations.

Keep up to date with advances in technology

Technology is an ever-evolving industry which can be difficult to stay up to date with. For instance, according to Moore’s Law, the processing power of computers double every two years. For this reason, its vital your business is well informed of technical innovations to maintain its competitive advantage. MSPs like Cheeky Munkey have our own technical strategist that educate our clients on all new technologies.

Maintain Consistency

By working with an MSP, you can ensure that you will maintain a consistent standard of service with your IT. With a strictly internal IT team, your service may be affected by staff changes, skill shortages and other factors beyond your control. The risk of this is massively offset by using a managed IT solution, as the provider will ensure that they are providing a consistent standard of service.

24 Hour Support

Even after you leave the office for the day, your IT systems must continue to function. You can ensure your systems are secure and supported 24/7 by partnering with an MSP like Cheeky Munkey.

Such level of service is frequently impossible for a smaller team to provide. Additionally, it guarantees your staff can access  IT support whenever required, even if they work on the opposite side of the globe.

Reduce strain on hiring and management structure

Simply put, working with an MSP simplifies your life. You can save time, money, and effort by forgoing the requirement for job postings, interviews, and training.

In a similar manner, outsourcing your IT helps your management structure run more efficiently. Your IT infrastructure’s management and quality assurance are handled by a third party. This lessens the management’s workload and frees them up to concentrate purely on business growth.


Security is one of the main issues for any company using IT. 
In 2022, security is now at the forefront of every businesses owners mind. This is due to the drastic change and development in attack vectors which are targeting organisations. Whilst a small IT team may be able to protect your data, often they lack the resources to handle more serious security problems. However, an MSP will have access to much bigger security teams with wealth of data security knowledge and awareness of the most recent threats and vulnerabilities. 
The best people to protect your business from data breaches and cyber-attacks are skilled IT specialists from an MSP.

Is Outsourcing Right For You?

The flexibility, consistency, security, and cost-effectiveness provided by a managed IT solution is as a convenient and intelligent solution for businesses of all sizes. Join the thousands of organisations switching to outsourced support today and unlock new efficiencies to transform your business.

Ready to take the leap and join forces with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle your IT requirements? Get in touch with us today via our live chat or call us on 03454560525.

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