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Enjoy peace of mind with backup systems that guarantee it’s always business as usual.

A secure, accessible, and reliable backup will ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have the required copies to keep your business running in the case of a malicious attack, natural disaster, or data loss.

Our IT backup solutions

What IT Backup Service is right for you?

IT backup systems are an absolute, non-negotiable necessity. But exactly what kind of system is the right one for your business?

You should consider various factors before you make this key decision:

Backup frequency – does the system allow you to backup weekly, daily or even continuously? The more data you process, the more often you should back it up. You might even want the option to do so manually.

Data security – make sure your backup provider complies with data privacy legislation such as GDPR. Online backup options offer encryption and constantly updated data security software.

Ease of use – if you don’t have round-the-clock IT support, it could be that one of your less technically minded team members has to initiate the disaster recovery process.

Costs – as with any business decision, cost must be considered from the outset. How much data you back up and how long for will determine the tier of plan you need, but be wary of data limits for your tier.

Growth – is your backup solution scalable? It’s important to choose a system that can grow as your business does: you don’t want to be held back – even temporarily – by your ability to securely back your data up.

Our Backup Solutions

Business Cloud Backup

Business cloud backup also allows for businesses to have one account that is used across PCs, Macs and servers, all managed from one simple to use web portal. This ensures that the backup caters for everything in the environment if required. Individual devices can also be cherry picked for inclusion if there are individual users or user groups that require cloud backup.

Hybrid Cloud Protection

A hybrid cloud solution is where some of the components are in the cloud and other are located on premise. Having multiple copies of your data in multiple locations means that you have more than one chance of recovery. You are also covered against hardware or media damage, caused, for example, by fire or flooding in your office. Having devices on your premises and in the cloud (hybrid cloud model) also increases fault tolerance against theft or component failure. Having an on and offsite backup solution service can also include business continuity, ensuring that the business does not have any downtime.

On-premise Backup

On-premises backups copy your hardware data to a storage device placed in-house. These devices can back up your data automatically or manually and are stored onsite for quick access or physically moved offsite afterwards for archival reasons. Examples of on-premises backup solutions include network attached storage, storage servers or external hard drives.

Why choose Cheeky Munkey for your IT Backup needs?

We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs, listening carefully to your requirements and recommending a suitable option. With years of experience and deep insight into the latest threats to data, we’ll recommend and implement the best IT backup system for your business.

Your plan will grow with you, offering flexibility and scalability so it continues to fit your organisation perfectly. All the while, we’ll stay up to date with the latest developments in the ever-changing world of IT security, ensuring your data is kept safe.

Since data backup is about securely storing copies of data in the event of a power outage, natural disaster or another disruption, it’s vital that you can quickly regain that data. We’re available 24/7, so we can swiftly put your data recovery plan into action if something goes wrong. You’ll have our support when you need it most.

What are the benefits of IT Backup Solutions?

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

With IT back up solutions you won’t lose valuable assets in the event of data loss

Cost effective

Cost effective

Avoid buying or installing expensive equipment

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Keep your business running in the case of a malicious attack

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