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How 365 can simplify GDPR

How Microsoft 365 can help you simplify GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in the news quite a bit over the last few years. A ground-breaking EU privacy framework, it has empowered individuals across the European Union to use technology freely and safely.

Despite all the hype around GDPR, the guidelines and rules are complex, and many businesses are not confident about their compliance. So, what exactly does GDPR mean for your business? And how can using our Microsoft 365 cloud solution help you simplify GDPR for your business?

What is GDPR 

An EU regulation enforced in May 2018, GDPR focuses on the privacy of EU citizens’ personal and sensitive data; whether that is a customer, an employee or a business partner. GDPR is concerned with strengthening the protection of data when it is collected, stored and used by organisations. The regulations outline expectations around data and guidelines on how to achieve those expectations.

Why does it matter to my business?

Every business must comply with the regulations, regardless of size or industry. Large fines face anyone in violation so organisations must ensure that they are treating personal data very carefully. GDPR is not just about customer data, but employee and recruitment data.

How does Microsoft 365 help achieve GDPR compliance?
Get to know your data with Advanced eDiscovery

Probably the most important initial step to GDPR compliance is knowing what data you have. The Advanced eDiscovery tool allows you to take stock of what digital data your business is holding as well as filter it. You can also optimise your data, such as finding duplicate files and as such reducing your data quantity overall.

Manage data stored

Having control of data and managing its use is integral to GDPR. Microsoft 365 has device management capabilities so you can ensure that data policies are set for different devices within the organisation. Microsoft 365 also offers advanced data protection across all devices.

Protect your customer data with encryption and cloud security

Microsoft 365 protects businesses from cyber attacks with the latest cloud security features. Device management and data protection controls run across your whole business cloud network. Privacy settings are offered at admin and user levels and document encryption ensures that your sensitive files are only seen by who you choose.

Track and report on data movement

GDPR place heavy emphasis on the reporting of data. Businesses must document and report on their data procedures to ensure compliance. Microsoft 365 simplifies the report process with tools such as audit logs which allow you to track and report easily and quickly. Data reports within 365 show data in classifications, the movement of the data and any transfers.

GDPR is prominent for any business and those responsible should ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are in place. Talk to us today to understand more about how Microsoft 365 can help simplify GDPR for your business. For more content on Microsoft 365 be sure to check out our previous blog.

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